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Using the Barcode Scanner in the iOS App to Reduce Human Error

Author: Nathan Crossley January 12, 2022 · 3 Min read
Using the Barcode Scanner in the iOS App to Reduce Human Error

One of the most exciting features of the new Booqable iOS app for Pro users is the built-in barcode scanner. It can scan QR codes and barcodes of customers, stock items, and orders to speed up the order management process. Before, this required a separate barcode scanner, but now it can all be done within the iOS app.

Barcodes allow you to reduce human error by ensuring that the right items are handed out each time. Tom Maas from Rømø Cykler implemented barcodes within his bike rental store when they first became available in Booqable he said, “we only could wish we had done this years before,” once the process was complete.

Let’s take a brief look at creating barcodes in Booqable before going through how you can use the barcode scanner in the app to improve your workflow. Please read our asset labeling for rental equipment for more information about barcodes.

How to set up barcodes in Booqable

Setting up barcodes is simple and only requires a few steps to get started. There are many different types of barcodes, and you can find more information about implementing them in our help center.

Creating barcodes for products

For trackable products, you can create a barcode for each stock item. Then, you can scan this barcode to add specific stock items to orders and scan items as picked up and returned. You can either generate barcodes outside of Booqable and attach to your items or you can you use the following steps within Booqable.

  1. Go to Products and select a product.
  2. Select a stock item and click the Barcode button.
  3. Select a barcode type, scan or type the barcode number, or leave the field blank to generate a barcode automatically.
  4. Click Save.

You can then print these barcodes and adhere them to your products to make them easy and convenient to scan.

Creating barcodes for customers

Scan barcodes to quickly add customers to orders by scanning a customer card, for example.

  1. Go to Customers and select a customer.
  2. From the right sidebar, click Add barcode.
  3. Select a barcode type, scan or type the barcode number, or leave the field blank to generate a barcode automatically.
  4. Click Save.

Then, you can add these barcodes to customer cards to make it easier to set up new orders when they visit your store.

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Using the built-in barcode scanner in the app

Now you’ve created barcodes for products and customers; you’re ready to get started with using them in the Booqable app. There are a few ways that barcodes can be used within the app, which is noted by a barcode symbol wherever they can be used.


Searching for customers and orders

When creating or searching for an order, instead of searching through a list of customer names, you can simply click the icon to scan the customer card. Or, if they don’t have a customer card, you can scan the QR codes for their order from the confirmation email they receive when making an online order.

Adding stock items to orders

During the order creation process, you will find yourself selecting specific stock items to add to the order. Of course, selecting them from a list is easy enough, but you can improve this process with barcode scanning. Now, you can simply open the barcode scanner and scan all items required for an order without manual work.

Marking items as picked up and return

You want to make sure that customers receive and return the correct items, and sometimes this can take a little time. However, with barcode scanning, this process takes seconds. You can simply select “pickup” or “return” on an order, click the barcode item and scan all the items you want to mark as picked up or returned. Immediately you will know that the correct items have been handed out and returned.

Download the Booqable app for iOS today to discover how the new barcode scanning feature can improve your rental business.

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