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Something White Styling Improves Brides’ Experience with Online Dress Rentals

Author: Nathan Crossley June 3, 2024 · 3 Min read
Something White Styling Improves Brides’ Experience with Online Dress Rentals

Something White Styling




Wedding dress rentals


Chicago, USA

In recent years, offering services remotely has become necessary, leading to many new businesses popping up. Something White Styling is one such business, which Kate Loscalzo founded to help brides shop virtually during the pandemic. She has continued to offer this service, including sending rental dresses to clients. She started using Booqable to accept bookings and manage inventory, making this process more hands-off with automation.

Something White Styling

2020 changed how businesses operate, with much being done remotely. This shift was felt strongly within the bridal industry, particularly regarding dresses. Soon-to-be brides could no longer visit stores to shop for their wedding; the solution was virtual consultations. Kate capitalized on this opportunity to start her own dress styling and rental business from her home.

She created Something White Styling, a luxury bridal styling service with designer dress rentals. Her clients are typically women aged 25 to 37 who are about to get married or recently engaged. This business is unique because she allows brides from the US to work with her virtually to coordinate outfits for different events. She is also very mindful of making bridal services more sustainable.

Recently, her business was featured on, a very influential institution in the wedding and bride industry. In addition, one of her clients was featured in Vogue’s wedding coverage. She has also amassed quite a social media following, with over 30,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Reducing back and forth with online bookings

When Kate started offering rentals alongside her styling services, she had to be very hands-on with helping clients find what they were looking for. This involved a lot of back and forth and a lot of time tracking bookings to ensure availability and prevent double bookings. However, in 2021, she began looking for a solution to automate this process.

While browsing the options, she kept in mind that she would need to integrate the system with her Webflow website. Booqable was the best solution because of its easy installation and customization, which helped its components fit perfectly. This was very important, considering Kate is in an aesthetically focused industry.

Now, brides can handle the rentals self-service by browsing her beautiful website. They can see what dresses she has available on their wedding dates, book and pay online, and receive a booking confirmation. All Kate has to do was prepare and send the dress out on their selected rental dates. This has allowed her to focus much more on the styling side of her business.

Meeting clients in person

While Kate founded Something White Styling during a time when remote services were demanded, she is excited to begin traveling to meet clients in person. She will focus on other countries outside the US and hopes to impact how brides shop and select their wedding dresses. Meanwhile, she will continue to grow the rental side of the business.

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