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New: Let your customers e-sign contracts with the Booqable mobile app

Author: Nathan Crossley August 21, 2023 · 2 Min read
New: Let your customers e-sign contracts with the Booqable mobile app

Today, we would like to share that contract signing is now available in beta in the latest release of the Booqable mobile app for iOS and Android. Now you can let customers digitally view and sign contracts on your phone or tablet. This is a highly-requested feature, and we’re happy to bring it to you to test in our mobile apps.

Rental contracts are essential to running a rental business, but getting customers to sign them can be challenging, especially with the hassle of printing them. However, you don’t have to deal with that anymore as you can ask customers to sign on your phone or tablet anywhere in your store or on the go.

Signing contracts in the mobile app

To get a contract signed in the mobile app, go to the order you want a signature for and click the pencil icon in the bottom left. This will generate a contract, allow you to view the contract, and give you a pad where customers can leave a signature. Then, just give your mobile device to your customer to view and sign the contract for their booking.


Additional new app features

In addition to contract signing, the iOS app has new action buttons for email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses in the customer property list. This includes navigating to an address, which will automatically open Apple Maps and set a route to the drop-off location. We have also squashed some bugs, improved the styling on the order details page, made other small tweaks for both the iOS and Android apps.

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