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How Poussette To Go Validated Their Rental Business on Facebook Before Creating a Website with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley January 15, 2024 · 3 Min read
How Poussette To Go Validated Their Rental Business on Facebook Before Creating a Website with Booqable

Poussette To Go




Stroller Rentals


Quebec, Canada

Taking a stroller on vacation can be challenging, but thankfully, rental businesses like Poussette To Go are making it more accessible. Marie Eclar Theus started her stroller rental business to relieve parents’ stress and allow them to travel more affordably. She started her business on Facebook Marketplace, and as it grew, she adopted Booqable as a full-service booking and management platform.

Poussette To Go

Marie Eclar Theus started renting out compact strollers and car seats in 2022 as a side business on Facebook Marketplace. As people began to travel more, it was the perfect time to start a travel-related business. She took this opportunity to validate her business idea through social media and quickly found success renting to parents looking for an affordable option.

Since then, she has grown the business to offer more products and serve customers in Longueuil, Quebec, and Laval, France. Customers can pick up their stroller before they travel or arrive. This has encouraged Marie to expand her services more, and she hopes parents worldwide will rent a stroller from Poussette To Go on their vacation.

Rental management

After validating her idea through Facebook Marketplace, she realized she would need a more robust solution for dealing with customers, receiving payments, and tracking the stock of available products. So, she began searching for a software solution to help her with all three of these challenges. She found Booqable the perfect balance for her use case, offering each of these services in an affordable package.

Instead of customers reaching out via Facebook and having a direct conversation with Marie, they can now book online through her website. She has used the Booqable website builder to create a showcase for her products with all the necessary information. In addition, this has also allowed her to connect online payments to make them simple to accept.

Finally, she has been able to get a handle on the stock levels and inventory availability. This makes it much easier to understand when strollers and car seats are rented out and expected back. Combined with online bookings, this has made running her business much more efficient. She no longer spends as much time on administrative tasks.

Saving time

Marie did a great job validating her rental business idea on Facebook Marketplace and switched to having her own platform at the perfect time. She has not only seen time-savings from not having to engage with customers as frequently, but she has also seen bookings increase since automating much of the process with her website.

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