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How Kenny Young Created a Better Life for Himself by Starting a Rental Business

Author: Nathan Crossley July 30, 2021 · 3 Min read
How Kenny Young Created a Better Life for Himself by Starting a Rental Business

Pitched Glamping




Camping Rental


Minneapolis, United States


What do you do when you’re deeply unhappy with your job? For some, the answer may be to find another job, but for Kenny Young, the answer was much more ambitious. He started a glamping rental business from the ground up just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Of course, this wasn’t going to be an easy journey, but he fought through it, and now he runs a successful business that he loves.

Camping is an ordinary pastime for many people worldwide, but glamping takes this experience up a few notches. It takes the fun of camping and combines it with the comforts of home to create a more enjoyable experience. With many still unable to travel, it makes for the perfect luxury getaway.


Just over a year ago, Kenny Young found himself in a challenging situation. He was working at a stable job that paid well, but he was deeply unhappy at that position. He quit his job and spent three months recalibrating and thinking about what he wanted from his life. After spending time with his son and wife (who was pregnant with his second child), he felt inspired to start a rental business idea he had thought about a year earlier.

His idea was to create a glamping rental business with a twist. Instead of his customers hiring equipment and going to a camping site, he would instead rent out the equipment and set it up for them in their garden. This would allow them to experience the luxury of glamping in the comfort of their own property. An idea that has proved incredibly successful and in demand.

To keep a steady income and earn money to start his glamping rental business, Pitched, he went back to his old workplace at a lower-level position. Unfortunately, this didn’t last for long as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and he was forced to leave his job. His back was against the wall, and he had to make his newly-found business work so he could support his family.

Reducing admin time

Fortunately, Kenny has been able to attract customers, and Pitched was now a very successful rental business. However, his troubles didn’t end there. He would spend 15+ hours per week taking calls from customers to accept bookings and accept payments. This led to too much time spent on the phone, manually entering reservations, creating invoices, chasing down deposits, and manually managing all of his inventory.

This was taking up a significant amount of his time, and something had to change. Looking for rental software to streamline his operations, Kenny found Booqable. Now, he accepts bookings and payments through his website, and managing his inventory is practically automated. As a result of these optimizations, he now spends just one hour per week doing the admin tasks for his rental business; that’s 93% time saved.


Now Kenny can focus on the most important part of his business: creating memorable at-home experiences. He can keep his labor costs low as he doesn’t need someone full-time to deal with the admin tasks. His customers have also benefited as they can make bookings online whenever they want, which suits their very busy lifestyle. In addition, they can conveniently view availability, reserve, and pay for their experience online.

“It’s always fun when I wake up to a number of reservations that came in overnight.”

Kenny’s customers enjoy glamping experiences for family nights, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. They have proved incredibly popular with young families, and he continues to see his business grow. Being an entrepreneur is about taking risks and putting your all into your idea, and Kenny has undoubtedly done this and more, creating a future for his young family that he can be proud of.

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