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Improving Internal Equipment Management and Planning with FILMBASE RENTALS

Author: Nathan Crossley August 21, 2023 · 3 Min read
Improving Internal Equipment Management and Planning with FILMBASE RENTALS





Film Equipment


Salzburg, Austria

Many rental businesses start as standalone companies, but FILMBASE RENTALS began as a companion to a production house. They saw the need to separate concerns, create a better workflow, and make it available to third parties. During this process, they found they needed a system to manage their equipment availability and scheduling and chose Booqable for this role.


Marco Leiter co-founded a production house in Salzburg, Austria, in 2018 called Attic Film. After several successful years producing content for clients, they felt the need to outsource their equipment to provide a better service. In addition, they wanted to make their vast equipment collection accessible to third parties within the film industry in and around Salzburg.

FILMBASE RENTALS was set up to achieve these goals and ensure their equipment was managed separately. As a companion to a production house, they think entirely differently about rentals. They are not there to rent out to people but to work as one filmmaker with another. This allows them to work with everyone from freelancers to feature film productions.

By founding an entirely separate company, they have improved scheduling and made working with others easier. They are growing their equipment stock to work with all kinds of film productions. Meanwhile, they are working to gather talented film equipment nerds to expand their reach and become the number 1 supplier between Munich and Vienna.

Improving equipment management

When Marco and his team founded FILMBASE RENTALS, they tried to implement their own system for managing equipment. However, they found it challenging to know what equipment was out and where it was, which led to shortages and inefficient planning. So, they searched for a system to help them manage inventory, schedule rentals, and calculate pricing.

After checking out several solutions, they found that Booqable met their requirement the best and was the most user-friendly to set up. They have been able to add their inventory and can now keep an accurate overview of where their equipment is and what is available. In addition, they can also maintain consistent pricing when working with other production companies.

Another challenge they faced was needing equipment when packing for film productions. Booqable helps them to create proper packing lists, and they can use the mobile app to have a checklist of items that need to be prepared. Finally, the software helps with budget calculations in pre-production and the overall communication between departments.

Creative visions

Now that they have created workflows that work for them internally with Booqable, they are focusing on expanding their work with third parties. In pursuit of this, they are massively growing their equipment stock and investing in a broader range of equipment. They are also reaching out to other professionals in the industry to increase their visibility and reach.

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