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Explore Booqable's features; designed to be flexible, powerful – and above all – easy to use.

Streamline your rental management process

Increase business, not work, by reducing complexity at every stage of your rental management process.

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  • Order tracking

    Always know which orders are reserved, out with customers, and returned on time.

  • Rental planning

    Increase efficiency and prevent overbooking with automatic pricing and availability calculations.

  • Shortage management

    Define shortage limits for your rental products to reserve more than you have available.

  • Customer database

    Record your customers' contact information, recurring discounts, and rental history.

  • Custom fields

    Custom input fields let you save important information on orders, inventory, and customers.

  • Email templates

    Use pre-filled email templates to communicate efficiently with customers.

  • Notes

    Leave notes and to-dos for your teammates to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Tags

    Label your orders and categorize your products with tags – and search for them later.

  • User permissions

    Restrict access to certain features to specific people on your team.

  • Currencies

    Our rental supports all currencies, allowing you to charge customers in your native currency.

  • Taxes

    Automatically calculate taxes, and create tax profiles to comply with local requirements.

  • Localization

    Translate your documents, email templates, shopping cart, and more into any language you want.

  • Zapier integration

    Connect Booqable with the apps you use every day to automate even more repetitive tasks.

  • API

    Need something else? Build your own apps and integrations with the Booqable API.

Visually track your rental inventory

Get a holistic view of your rental inventory by knowing where your products are and what’s available.

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  • Trackable inventory

    Manage your rental inventory with serial numbers and barcodes to track stock individually.

  • Bulk inventory

    Treat your inventory as bulk to manage a large number of stock items more efficiently.

  • Product bundles

    Bundle products to streamline your planning and offer discounted rental packages.

  • Inventory statuses

    Always know the location and availability of your inventory to spot conflicts before they happen.

  • Availability calendar

    Zoom in on specific stock items, and check the availability of products for any date range.

  • Barcodes

    Speed up your workflow, prevent mistakes, and ensure your rental equipment goes out complete.

  • Product variations

    Create variations for products that have different properties like colors, sizes, and lengths.

  • Pricing structures

    Create structured pricing templates for hours, days, weeks, and months.

  • Advanced pricing

    Create advanced pricing rules to set up seasonal pricing, weekend rates, and more.

  • Sales and services

    Add consumables and services to your orders, and offer them in your online store.

  • Padding time

    Schedule a buffer between rentals by setting up padding time for your products.

  • Order history

    Build up historical data for your inventory so you can take action when something is missing.

  • Reports

    Identify which products are rented out the most and use this data to make informed buying decisions.

  • Imports

    Get started faster by importing your current inventory database using a CSV file.

  • Exports

    Export data to Excel and CSV for stock counts, insurance needs, and reporting purposes.

Create professional documents – fast

Whether you need quotes, contracts, or invoices, create and send beautiful, branded documents in seconds.

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  • Quotes

    Easily create and send pricing proposals, and track which quotes are confirmed.

  • Contracts

    Generate rental agreements by creating contracts, and get them signed directly in Booqable.

  • Invoices

    Create invoices directly from your rental orders, and track what's paid for any date range.

  • Packing slips

    Generate packing slips to increase efficiency for your warehouse operations.

  • Custom branding

    Customize your documents by uploading your logo, listing your terms, and more.

  • Document templates

    Define your numbering sequence, include product images, and customize more with CSS.

  • Digital signatures

    Get your contracts confirmed by adding a digital signature in Booqable.

  • Revenue reports

    Track which invoices are paid, partially paid, and due for any given date range.

  • Exports

    Export your document data to Excel or CSV for accounting purposes.

Accelerate your payment process

Track manual payments, charge and authorize credit cards, and accept online payments with Booqable.

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  • Stripe integration

    Integrate with Stripe to accept all major credit cards and local payment methods like iDEAL and Alipay.

  • PayPal integration

    Connect with PayPal to let your customers pay by credit card or by using their PayPal account.

  • Online payments

    Accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and many local payment methods in your online store.

  • Charges and refunds

    Process charges and refunds in Booqable, and save credit cards on file for future use.

  • Authorization holds

    Create authorizations for damage deposits and capture them when products are damaged.

  • Security deposits

    Charge fixed-value or percentage damage deposits for online and offline reservations.

  • Payment requests

    Send payment requests to allow customers to pay online by clicking a payment link.

  • Manual payments

    Register payments you receive outside of Booqable and track them with your orders and invoices.

Accept reservations around the clock

No matter how busy you are, accept reservations 24/7 and provide unbeatable rental experiences.

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  • Embeddable products

    Showcase your rental products on any webpage by copy-pasting simple embed codes.

  • Shopping cart

    Our customizable shopping cart is made for rentals and works on any website.

  • Date picker

    Embed a date picker anywhere on your website to let your customers choose a rental period.

  • Real-time availability

    Auto-reserve products as you receive new reservations to save time and prevent overbooking.

  • Rental periods

    Define which dates and times your customers can select – like free versus fixed rental periods.

  • Secure checkout

    Securely-hosted, customizable checkout with support for coupon codes and integrated payments.

  • Coupon codes

    Acquire more customers by offering fixed-value and percentage discounts.

  • Custom checkout fields

    Capture valuable information about orders and customers with custom checkout fields.

  • Search

    Add a product search to your website so customers can find what they're looking for in seconds.

  • Custom scripts

    Add JavaScript to track conversions and customize your online checkout experience.

  • Checkout domain

    Use your own domain for the Booqable checkout.

  • Order confirmation

    Send automated order confirmations to provide immediate follow-ups without any manual work.