Essential features for your rental business

With Booqable, you get a wide range of features that suit multiple workflows, make work simpler, and support companies of all shapes and sizes.

Rental management

  • Order management

    Plan orders with real-time product availability and automated price calculations, making your rental process fast and reliable.

  • Inventory management

    Keep track of bulk or serialized products, work with variations, and easily view product history and availability on a calendar.

  • Customer database

    View order history and store contact information, tax profiles, and recurring discounts in your customer database.

  • Barcode scanning

    Work with any barcode scanner to reduce human error and boost your productivity. Beep!

  • Reports

    Detailed performance metrics give you key insights to make smart decisions and guide future investments.

Booqable's rental management calendar showing an overview of products

Online Store

  • Add to your website

    Booqable generates embed codes which allow you to place your products exactly how you want them, on any website.

  • Shopping cart

    Add a user- and mobile-friendly shopping cart to your website in which customers can enter a period, check availability, and proceed to checkout.

  • Customization and translations

    Customize the colors of your store to match your brand and translate every element to suit your needs.

  • Secure checkout

    Accept payments through a securely hosted checkout and collect custom data to get all the information you need.

  • Online payments

    Accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Online payments are directly synced with orders, making it easy to keep track.

Booqable's renal management calendar showing an overview of products