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Behind the beautiful interface, Booqable is a flexible and feature-rich rental system. Here, you’ll find the complete list of everything Booqable can do.

Rental Website Builder

Embeddable components

Fully customizable

Give your online store a professional with full control over the layout, colors, and translations. Customize the look and feel to match your rental business' branding.

No code required

Create your rental website without any coding knowledge. Simply add drag and drop sections to build your website and customize your customers' experience.


Sections are the building blocks of your website that allow you to easily build and edit the look of your website and quickly change the location of everything.


Add pages for additional informtion, like how renting from your business works or an about us page. You can also customize the look of product pages.

Product collections

Collections allow you to group products into categories to make browsing your rental website easier for customers to search and discover what you offer.

Real-time availability

Make renting online easier for yourself and your customers by showing inventory availability in real-time for the products and services you offer.

Date picker

Booqable's rental date picker supports fixed durations and time slots, or you can give your customers the freedom to book whenever they want. You can also set a minimum notice for bookings.


Your website is fully responsive and optimized for desktop and mobile, ensuring your customers will have the best rental experience on any device.

Connect a custom domain

You can connect your own custom domain to allow customers to visit your branded website address and not, which is the default.

Embed options

Add products to your existing WordPress, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Shopify, or custom rental website to showcase your inventory and accept online bookings.

Online checkout

Online checkout

Online bookings

Allow your customers to book in advance or request a quote directly from your website. This results in fewer calls and emails, saving you time, and increasing bookings.

Secure checkout

Customize the checkout experience so you can collect the information you need from customers and choose how you want to accept payments.

Coupon codes

Create coupon codes to boost the revenue of your online store by offering fixed-value or percentage-based discounts. You can also apply coupons to manually created orders.

Payments in checkout

Decide if you want to accept full payment up-front, partial payment, or let customers pay later. Optionally, you can charge a refundable security deposit at checkout.

Checkout fields

In addition to the standard checkout fields, you can customize your checkout to collect extra information, such as age or height.

Customer accounts

Let your customers log in during checkout so their address, contact information, discounts, and more will be pre-filled for a faster checkout experience.

Connect custom domain

You can connect a custom domain to access your Booqable Store with your branded website address. Custom domains come with an SSL certificate.

Additional scripts

Add customizations and tracking codes for analytics services such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more.



Online payments

Connect Stripe or PayPal to your Booqable account so you can accept credit cards, PayPal, and many local payment methods.

Credit card payments

Charge and refund credit card payments directly from Booqable. You can also manually register cash and cheque payments.


Reduce chargebacks by authorizing credit cards and capturing holds when products are damaged when returned by a customer. Ideal for use with security deposits.

Payment requests

Create and send payment links from Booqable with a connected Stripe or PayPal account, allowing customers to pay with their preferred payment method.

Security deposits

Charge refundable security deposits that are calculated automatically based on your preferences. You can set these up on a globally or per product.

Partial payments

Accept partial payments in your online rental store with full control over the amount that’s due at checkout, allowing customers to pay the remainder at pickup.

Payment statuses

Easily see which orders are paid or still require payment actions, so you can make sure you get paid on time.

Invoice matching

Whenever you receive a payment, Booqable automatically matches it with the correct invoice, even if orders have multiple invoices.

Order management

Manual order creation

Create orders and plan rentals with automatic availability insights and pricing calculations to speed up reservations.

Calendar view

The calendar view allows you to zoom in on specific rental products, plan for upcoming orders, spot potential conflicts, and check availability for any date range.

Customer management

Keep track and manage all your customers' contact info, rental histories, discounts, security deposits, and more all in one place.

Check-in and checkout

Accelerate pickups and returns and ensure the right rental items go out, optionally with a barcode scanner. Make your workflow paperless and more convenient.


Get an overview of upcoming pickups and returns within your dashboard so you’re prepared ahead of time and always ready to serve customers.

Padding time

Configure padding time for your products on an individual basis to create a buffer between rental orders to allow you to perform maintenance and cleaning.

QR & Barcodes

Assign barcodes and QR codes to products and customers to handle equipment more efficiently and reduce human error.


Add notes to communicate vital information to your team about payments, documents, products, customers, and orders.

Custom fields

Create and add custom fields to any of your products, customers, and orders to store additional information or add custom charges.


Create and send quotes, contracts, and invoices that automaically populate with the associated order information.

Order statuses

Quickly see and change the status of your orders to keep on top of which orders reserved, picked up, or returned.


Easily filter your orders by order status, tags, payment status, upcoming, late, and with shortage to quickly find specifc orders.

Inventory management

Inventory tracking

Organize and manage all the rental products in your inventory and get instant access to detailed insights, such as stock levels, availability, variations, and pricing.

Trackable items

Keep detailed track of your stock by assigning unique identifiers or barcodes so you can track each item individually.

Bulk inventory

Keep track of quantities without assigning unique identifiers to help you handle a large number of items more efficiently.

Consumables & services

Charge your customers for non-rental products like consumables, services, sales items, or additional fees.

Product variations

If your products come with multiple options, you can add variations to products such as multiple colors or sizes.

Shortage management

Configure shortage limits for your rental products so your customers can reserve more than you have available for items that can be easily sourced to meet demand.

Pricing structures

Create and edit your own tiered pricing structures (and templates) in addition to the standard pricing options.

Advanced pricing

Create advanced pricing rules for weekend rates, seasonal pricing, and other complex pricing settings.


Manage your rental inventory across multiple locations, including physical rental stores, warehouse locations, and other places where you stock inventory.

Product bundles

Create product bundles for products that are frequently rented out together to simplify planning and make it easier for customers book equipment.

Usage history

Drill down into how often your products are rented out and how much revenue they generate to assist with purchasing decisions.

Mobile app

Daily overview

Start your workday with an instant overview of your upcoming orders, so you can you prepare for the day ahead without having to access your laptop or desktop when you arrive.

Create orders

Planning orders is fast, which is crucial when answering calls or serving walk-ins. Create and edit orders in the mobile app whenever and wherever you are in a few taps.

Manage pickups

Use the mobile app to conveniently handle pickups and returns right by your customers' side. Improve accuracy and reduce mistakes with little chance for human error.

Scan barcodes

With the barcode scanner built into the mobile app, you can prevent errors and ensure that you hand out the right items for every customer with easy scan and go functionality.

Accept payments

Get paid from within the mobile app by quickly generating and sending payment requests to your customers immediately so you no longer have to chase payments again.


Communicate with all your team members from within the mobile app thanks to conversation-like notes on orders. No more shouting across the store or warehouse to get something.

Documents & Emails

Document templates

Customize templates for your quotes, contracts, and invoices to easily add your own branding.

Email templates

Create manual emails or use customizable templates and attach your documents for quick communication.


Easily generate quotes and make changes when customers request alterations to their orders.


Create and print contracts to and get them confirmed by letting customers add a digital signature.


Invoices are synced with your orders and automatically update as you make changes, allowing you to put your invoicing on autopilot.

Packing slips

Print packing slips for your warehouse crew to increase productivity and make gathering products for orders quicker.



Availability reports

Quickly get an overview of how many of each product you have available for a specific day or date range.

Pickup reports

View all the rental products that will be picked up on a specific day or date range on a single page with pickup reports.

Performance reports

See how often products are rented out and how much revenue they generated, so you can analyze performance and improve your ROI.




Connect your Stripe account to accept credit cards and the world’s most popular local payment methods.


Integrate with PayPal to allow your customers to pay using their credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.


Transform your WordPress website into a beautiful rental store using the Booqable WordPress plugin.


Accept rental bookings and payments on your Weebly website with the Booqable Weebly app.


Rent out products on your Squarespace rental website by integrating Booqable.


Add Booqable to Shopify to turn your e-commerce website into an online rental store.

Google Analytics

Track and analyze page views, traffic sources, visitor data, conversion goals, and more in your online store.

Facebook Pixel

Use Facebook Pixel to understand customer actions, create audiences, and retarget website visitors.


Create your own automations and workflows by connecting Booqable to 5,000+ apps like QuickBooks and Xero.

Booqable API

Need more functionality? Build your own integrations with Booqable's flexible API and webhooks.



Free support

Whether you need help for something small or big, you can get a helping hand from Booqable's award-winning support team whenever you need. We’re here to help.

Free onboarding

Get a one-on-one setup call with a onboarding specialist who will ensure you're getting the most out of Booqable.



User permissions

Limit your team members access to specific sections of Booqable and only allow them to perform certain tasks.

Bulk editing

Easily make changes to large numbers of orders, customers, or products and reduce repetitive manual work.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Let your team log in using single sign-on from an identity provider, for example, Okta, OneLogin, and more.

IP restrictions

Limit where your team can access Booqable by setting a predefined list of approved IP addresses.


Easily transfer from other rental software systems by importing your inventory and customer lists.


Export all your orders, inventory, customer lists, documents, and reports to Excel or CSV files.


Booqable supports all available global currencies.


Translate your customer-facing communications and online store into any language you want.


Configure how taxes are calculated for your products and create regional tax profiles to comply with local tax regulations.

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