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Fulfill orders faster with dedicated rental software

Manage all your orders and customer information in one place with easy-to-use rental management software.

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4.8 overall rating
based on 600+ reviews

Quickly create new orders in-store

Whether customers walk in or call, you can easily create orders with availability insights.

  • checkmark Just click new order and add customer information, products, and rental period.
  • checkmark Easily add products and extend the rental period for existing orders.
  • checkmark If customers bring a broken item mid-rental, you can quickly replace it with another stock item.
Order overview screenshot
Booqable order creation

Immediately reserve products

When you reserve a stock item in advance, it will automatically be removed from the available stock. This will make them unavailable for future orders during the same period, preventing double bookings.

Know precisely what you’re giving out

If you specified stock in advance, you can scan item barcodes to ensure you hand out the right stock items. Alternatively, if you don’t specify stock before the pickup, you can specify it at the last moment and hand out whichever you have to hand.

Customer management
Booqable pickup screen

Return all items efficiently

Scan items when customers return them to ensure they have returned everything. Choose whether to keep or charge the security deposit and add a reason. Add notes for the product condition if it is returned damaged.

Complete your daily tasks on mobile

Use the Booqable mobile app to create and view orders. Manage pickups and returns and use the app’s built-in barcode scanner to scan items in and out for improved accuracy.

Charge and keep security deposits

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