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Mudcrab Music & Events Saves Time and Increases Bookings with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley July 24, 2023 · 3 Min read
Mudcrab Music & Events Saves Time and Increases Bookings with Booqable

Mudcrab Music & Events




Sound Equipment Rentals


Queensland, Australia

Mid-2020 changed how many businesses operate, with many pivoting or switching to a different part of the same industry. Jordan Small experienced this when he was unable to DJ for events anymore. He took this opportunity to rent his equipment out for small events. Eventually, as things began to open, he scaled the business and started using Booqable to save on admin.

Mudcrab Music & Events

Until 2020, Jordan had a thriving career DJing for weddings, parties, and events in Queensland, Australia. However, when the lockdowns hit and events were limited to 15 people, he realized people couldn’t book him. So, he decided to start renting out his gear, like speakers and disco balls, instead, so people could still have entertainment for smaller parties.

He found that people didn’t like booking this kind of equipment online and wanted a more personal experience. So, from the beginning, he wanted to give customers a one-on-one proposal and quoting process when booking. He takes the time to understand the event and the needs of his customers to give them the best equipment at the most affordable prices.

This approach proved to be popular, and he was able to make a great living renting out the gear. As restrictions were lifted, he scaled with this approach to service people beyond his town and across the Sunshine Coast. He now serves bands, venues, companies, weddings, and parties with the gear they need to ensure their event goes off without a hitch.

Saving time

When Jordan launched his business, he created a website with Webflow, so people could browse his inventory and email to make a booking. This worked well while he was growing the business, but once he reached a particular scale, the amount of admin became too much. He began looking for rental software to improve his website and save time spent on admin.

He found that Booqable was the best fit for streamlining the management of quotes, bookings, and inventory. Jordan has found that it saves him at least 5 hours per week on admin time, keeps all his inventory tidy, and gives him a clear overview of what is coming up. This has allowed him to improve time management, streamline the booking process and eliminate paperwork.

He has added online quote requests to his Webflow website as part of streamlining the booking process. Potential customers can now browse his inventory, add products to their cart, and request a quote themselves. Jordan then takes this quote, sends a proposal, gets it approved, and sends a payment request to the customer.

Increasing bookings

Since implementing Booqable, Jordan has seen an increase in bookings as customers can complete more of the process themselves. As a result, he has had to hire temporary staff on weekends to help with setups and deliveries as the volume has increased beyond what he can do alone. In addition, the mobile app has made it easy to check off bookings and double check they have all the right equipment.

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