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Orange Door Event Rentals Makes Everything Trackable with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley July 8, 2024 · 3 Min read
Orange Door Event Rentals Makes Everything Trackable with Booqable

Orange Door Event Rentals




Event decor rentals


Wisconsin, USA

Rental services can grow out of an existing business where it is complementary to offer them. Justin and Summer Snyder found this true when they started their event planning company, Orange Door Weddings. The idea organically came from working with event planning clients, and they soon launched Orange Door Event Rentals. To manage this endeavor, they chose Booqable because of its inventory management and wishlist creation abilities.

Orange Door Event Rentals

In early 2022, Justin and Summer started their event planning business, Orange Door Weddings. While working with clients, it quickly became apparent that there was an opportunity to expand into offering an event rental service. So, by the end of 2022, they decided to launch a sister company named Orange Door Event Rentals. They want to provide event equipment for customers in Wisconsin and beyond.

Orange Door Event Rentals offers boutique-style event rental solutions and expert event design services tailored for weddings, soirées, and all manner of occasions across the Midwest. From elegant tables and chairs to intricate details like lanterns and vases, they curate every aspect of their client’s events with finesse and flair. Whether someone is organizing a small gathering or a grand affair, they can scale to meet their needs with a professional service.

As a newly established business, they are committed to meeting and exceeding their clients’ expectations. One part of this is understanding market demands, and they often curate their inventory around clients’ needs. In addition, their event and design team have eyes for perfection and recently won both the Best Booth Design and Best Vignette Design awards at the La Crosse Wedding Expo. This has helped highlight the value they can bring to clients’ celebrations.

Making everything trackable

One of the biggest challenges when starting a rental business is keeping track of everything. From inventory to bookings, clients, and payments, there is a lot to manage with a small team. So, for Justin and Summer, it was essential to find rental software that would enable them to manage all of these aspects of their business easily. This search led them to Booqable.

With Booqable, they have been able to make everything trackable in one easy-to-use platform. From managing inventory to tracking damage and creating pull lists, their little team of five operates efficiently. This has led to time savings, not only from a management perspective but also from a daily operation perspective.

This is bolstered by integrating online wishlist creation abilities into their WordPress website with Booqable’s rental plugin. Potential clients can browse their selection, add items to their wishlist, and specify their event date. This makes quoting a lot easier because clients know exactly what’s available and what to expect regarding pricing.

The premier choice

Over the next five years, Justin and Summer envision becoming the premier choice for event rentals in the heart of the Midwest. They would like to become the largest and most trusted event rental company in the region. In their efforts towards this goal, they will continue to be dedicated to serving their community with top-notch service, quality rentals, and unforgettable experiences for every occasion.

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