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Caramba Films
AV Equipment

Caramba Films

Caramba Films is based in san josé, costa rica and started out as a production company. Initially buying equipment for numeral projects, a lot of gear ended up in their stock room, laying there, collecting dust. Back in 2007, the team decided to rent out some of the equipment, moving their business in a new direction. While turning into an in-demand place for camera rentals, they brought in Booqable to take the load off their backs.

It’s much more than just software - it’s changed the way we work. We rely on Booqable every single day; I don’t think we can do without it.

Prior to finding Booqable, Caramba struggled to get it all done. “We did everything with spreadsheets, Google Calendar, and mostly off the top of our heads. Google Calendar is still in use, but we’ve synced it using Booqable’s iCalendar integration,” explains Frederico Lang. “I no longer have to rely solely on my memory; one click and I’m up to date.”

Using trackable products allows the crew to track valuable items, like cameras and lenses. “At the time, we were looking for a way to not only manage our inventory but also to keep track of our most expensive items. Booqable’s calendar does that for us, and as a bonus, it also prevents double booking.” Default security deposits are used as an extra safeguard for getting items back in undamaged, working condition.

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