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How Horizon Adventure Rentals Validated Their Business with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley January 9, 2023 · 3 Min read
How Horizon Adventure Rentals Validated Their Business with Booqable

Horizon Adventure Rentals




Watersports Equipment


Utah, USA

When starting a rental business, it can be easy to think you can dive in and get started. However, it is much more complex than a regular business, so it is better to dream big and start small. Eric and Maura Crowther did precisely this when they began Horizon Adventure rentals with just a couple of products and a Booqable webshop to accept online reservations.

Horizon Adventure Rentals

In the spring of 2022, Eric and Maura Crowther decided to start their own rental business. They are located in Hyde Park, Utah, where tourists visit the surrounding lakes. As a result, they decided the best products to rent out would be jet skis and paddle boards so they could cater to the people going on vacation in the area.

For their first season in the summer of 2022, they purchased a pair of jet skis and paddle boards. This allowed them to test the viability of their business idea while reducing the up-front investment. They also knew excellent customer service would be essential to growing their business. They are proud of being very friendly and flexible when they work with customers.

Their business is unique because they serve customers visiting Utah and residents who want to take their rentals on vacation. Eric and Maura know that everyone has different plans, so they work closely with customers to ensure each one has the easiest rental experience. This has helped them to stand out and get their business off to a flying start.

Getting online

Eric and Maura knew that having an online presence for Horizon Adventure Rental would be essential to getting it off the ground. Neither of them had experience creating a website, but they knew which elements would be necessary to provide the best experience for their customers. So, they wrote them down and started searching for software solutions.

To achieve their goals, they need to be able to show customers’ availability visually and interactively on a calendar. It is also crucial for them to be able to take payments and security deposits. Finally, it must be easy for customers to browse and complete a booking without needing to call or email for help, so it has to be as simple as possible.

After looking at a few choices for rental software, they decided that Booqable offered everything they needed. They could quickly get everything set up and use the provided Booqable webshop to present their products to customers. This has allowed them to have the essential elements of a booking website without spending much time getting everything set up.

A successful season

Horizon Adventure Rentals launched in the summer of 2022 and had a successful first season. Thanks to Booqable, they were able to provide an easy-to-use booking system for their customers. Many have commented on how smooth the process is and how simple it is to make a booking. It also makes it easier for Eric and Maura to organize their rentals.

Since launching, they have seen bookings steadily increase, and when their first season was over, they were happy with the results. As they head into their second year, they plan on offering a more comprehensive range of products to grow the business. In addition, they will continue to use Booqable as it has made it very easy to start their rental business without having previous experience.

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