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Getting Organized and Planning Ahead with AllSpace Group and Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley September 3, 2021 · 3 Min read
Getting Organized and Planning Ahead with AllSpace Group and Booqable

AllSpace Group




Event Rentals


Las Vegas, Nevada

When AllSpace Group was founded 14 years ago, it resulted from a partnership between a designer and a product builder. A casual collaboration turned into a multi-national company providing products for exhibitors at events across North America and Europe. Over the past few years, Booqable has enabled them to grow by taking the stress out of inventory organization and overbooking errors.

The exhibition industry is massive. There is an expo happening somewhere for anything you could think of at all times, and many more you didn’t even know existed. All of the exhibitors need to get their equipment (stands, tables, chairs and even staging) from somewhere, and there are thousands of companies like AllSpace Group that cater to them across the world. With things opening back up post-lockdown, the industry is set to see one of the most significant spikes in its history.

AllSpace Group

Until 2007, Christophe Malliacas was designing products for exhibition booths and having them built by a partner. Then, however, they decided to formalize the partnership and form Synapse Exhibits Inc. which catered to exhibitors across North America. This quickly expanded to Europe, and just three years later, they were producing products there.

Finally, in 2015 AllSpace Group was formed and merged with Synapse Exhibits Inc to create a world concurring exhibition equipment rental business. They now provide products for exhibitors to hire worldwide, including tables, stools, sofas, chairs, TVs, refrigerators, false walls, desks, and canopies. So if there’s something a company need for their exhibition stands, AllSpace Group probably has it.

What’s in stock?

With this impressive growth over the last decade, there have been many different management processes in place. These varied from country to country as operation supervisors differed in their methods. A massive business like AllSpace Group has, of course, ran into organizational issues that had plagued the company over the past few years.

They had issues keeping track of their inventory, not knowing what they have and where each item was. There was also confusion when knowing what needed to be packed for which order, which has led to errors. Finally, they struggled with knowing what was popular and what they needed to buy or make more of to make up for shortages. So, it was time to find software to help with the mistakes that were being made.

Getting organized

During the pandemic in 2020, AllSpace Group was able to assess its operations and solve the issues that had been causing mistakes with the company. They turned to Booqable to provide rental software that could streamline their operations and create better processing across the entire business.

They can now maintain an accurate inventory of everything they have in stock and organize it by quantity and variations. Then when it comes to packing orders for a customer, they can use packing slips to know precisely what needs to go in the order and ensure nothing is missed—seeing the availability of stock has also wholly removed their overbooking issues.

100% Positive Results

Now that they have been able to organize their inventory, AllSpace Group reports that they now have zero errors regarding shipping the correct items to their clients. They can also keep track of stock and buy more when they notice upcoming shortages or increased demand for specific items. This allows them to manage inventory in advance of customer demand.

Within the company, the staff is delighted with the organization that Booqable has brought to the business. It has allowed them to be much more efficient and remove any errors occurring during ordering and packing products for customers. AllSpace Group’s customers are also thrilled with the new system as everything they order is present and accounted for.

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