Labola Decor: Offering first-class event rental experiences in the digital age

Labola Decor: Offering first-class event rental experiences in the digital age

LABOLA IS A WEDDING AGENCY OPERATING THROUGHOUT SOUTH AFRICA and specializes in decor hire, wedding planning, venue styling, and event coordination. Booqable is how they manage inventory, process inquiries, prevent overbooking, and quote their clients.

For the past five years, the Labola team is on a mission to be Durban’s go-to place for decor rentals and wedding planning. As the company structurally gained more customers, tracking stock became increasingly challenging, leaving room for human error. The lack of insight into the availability and location of stock made planning a time-consuming process, and worse, occasionally led to overbooking. They needed a reliable way to manage their inventory and streamline business operations.

We love Booqable and how it has transformed our business. Switching over to such an efficient system has been a game changer for me as a business owner, wife, and mom.


Booqable helped the Labola team to organize their inventory and simplify the quoting process. Employees use Booqble’s availability indicators to avoid overbooking, and once an order is planned, generating quotes is a matter of clicks. Because quotes automatically populate with the contents of an order, there are no manual actions required. All the information, including automated pricing and tax calculations, is already there.

Once a new request comes in, Labola gets notified about the new inquiry. The first step is checking availability and looking for special requests. Next, they reserve the items for the selected event date, generate a quote, and contact the client directly from Booqable (again using pre-filled email templates). Having all the order information in one overview has helped the team prepare for what lies ahead more efficiently.

By bringing all rental processes together in Booqable, Labola can move requests through the required stages faster than before. With a streamlined ordering process and reliable inventory management, they can shift their focus to making clients’ event dreams come true.

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