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LABOLA IS A WEDDING AGENCY OPERATING THROUGHOUT SOUTH AFRICA and does décor hire, wedding planning, venue styling, and coordination. Booqable is how they stay in control of their inventory, send out quotes and keep things organized.

For the past four years, Labola’s wedding gurus strive to be the go-to place for wedding successes. As the company grew, keeping track of their massive inventory of décor items became challenging. Booqable transformed the way they manage inventory by helping them stay in-the-know of availability and whereabouts.

We love Booqable and how it has transformed our business. Switching over to such an efficient system has been a game changer for me as a business owner, wife, and mom.

Wedding ceremony organized by Labola Weddings

The real breakthrough came after installing the Booqable Shop on the website. Turning off pricing lets customers request quotes, without having to pay before finishing the checkout process. The smoother add-to-cart functionality significantly impacted order quantities and allows for a generally better experience.

After orders have been placed, the documents feature is used for sending quotes and letting customers know how much their wedding will cost, much quicker than before. Invoicing and registering payments is also done in Booqable, both for bank transfers and credit cards.

Tying everything together into one central solution grants Labola the freedom to do what they do best: making sure the best day of people’s lives becomes unforgettable.

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