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VP Trailers Saves Time and Expands its Rental Offering with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley April 11, 2023 · 3 Min read
VP Trailers Saves Time and Expands its Rental Offering with Booqable

VP Trailers




Trailer Rentals


Maryland, USA

The best kind of business growth is organic as your offering evolves to meet your customers’ requirements. Zachary Poole found this with VP Trailers, where he had initially started with trailer repairs and sales and expanded into providing trailer rentals. Thanks to Booqable, he has been able to automate much of the work to make this extra revenue stream as simple as possible.

VP Trailers

VP Trailers started as a trailer repair service but quickly expanded into trailer rentals. When Zachary started renting out equipment, he began with just a couple of trailers; an 18” car trailer and a 12” dump trailer. He chose these options as they met the requirements of most of his customers, who needed a temporary trailer while theirs was being repaired.

From there, his inventory quickly expanded, and he now offers nine varieties of trailers, including gooseneck and hydraulic trailers. This has enabled him to offer existing customers trailers and open up rentals to anyone who needs to rent a trailer. His typical customers range from commercial businesses to private individuals needing a DIY work trailer.

Since he started offering this option, one of Zachary’s biggest achievements has been the ability to meet and help a lot more people. He is very proud of his unique offering, calling it “quick, easy in and out, no bs.” This mentality has made his business stand out among others in the Maryland area, as it provides exactly the experience rental customers expect.

Rentals are complex

When Zachary decided to expand his rental offering, it became clear that managing it would be complex. Not only would he have to work with repair customers, but he also needed to work with purely rental customers. He knew he would need a website for people to book online and automation for scheduling bookings, managing inventory, and interacting with customers.

So, he started looking at his options, and after reviewing several pieces of software, he found that Booqable fulfilled his needs. Thanks to the built-in website creation tool, Zachary was able to create a rental website himself without any design and coding. This made it much easier for him to get VP Trailers online and start offering rental bookings 24/7.

He also achieved his automation goals, as stock is automatically allocated and marked as reserved, while customers can see what’s available on his website. Zachary has also been able to set up message and payment collection automation, saving him lots of time. Now, all he has to do is check his trailers in and out when customers come to collect them.

Increase in bookings

Since implementing Booqable within VP Trailers, Zachary has seen an increase in bookings as customers can book them online. He credits this to the ease of use and simplicity of creating a reservation. In addition, he also finds it much easier to keep track of all his equipment. At the same time, the mobile app allows him to keep tabs on what’s going on wherever he is.

Over the next few years, Zachary wants to grow his rental offering to include over ten more trailers and expand into heavy equipment rentals. He has already experimented with this, which perfectly complements his existing rental offering. In addition, he is looking forward to growing his business with Booqable as more features and improvements are introduced.

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