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Creating a Cohesive Customer Experience with Moore ATV Rentals

Author: Nathan Crossley September 13, 2021 · 3 Min read
Creating a Cohesive Customer Experience with Moore ATV Rentals

Moore ATV Rentals




ATV Rentals


Brooksville, Florida

What do you do when you’re in the Powersports industry and have access to almost 2,600 acres of land? Start an ATV rental business, of course. That’s what Rick and Shelley Moore did when they founded Moore ATV Rentals. In the last nine months since they started using Booqable, they have seen rentals increase by over 190% and have created a cohesive customer experience.

ATV rentals are slightly different from other vehicles like bikes or scooters because they often require an open area to be enjoyed. This means having the equipment and having the space to host those who want to have fun with an ATV. For this reason, it is much harder to make it in the ATV rental business, but with suitable space and ATVs, you can be very successful.

Moore ATV Rentals

A few years ago, Rick and Shelley Moore started their own business supplying vintage power sports parts to customers in and around Brooksville, Florida. However, they soon decided it would be great to share their experience with other people more actively. So soon, they were renting out ATVs at Croom Withlacoochee State Forest, offering self-guided tours.

Customers can rent one of the various ATVs from some of the most respected brands in the industry. These include Kawasaki, Can-AM, Arctic Cat, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda. Moore ATV Rentals also provides everything their customers need, including fuel, helmets, goggles, and gloves. In addition, they allow anyone over five years old to explore up to 2,600 acres of trails around the state forest.

Making things easier

Moore ATV Rentals needed to integrate their store into their website to give customers a consistent experience. Unfortunately, other tools would not allow them to incorporate the store into their website. As a result, they lost a lot of bookings because they couldn’t provide a booking experience that met the needs of their customers.

Booqable has solved the problem by allowing us to make adjustments quickly as well as allowing us to create a uniform customer experience, making our website and booking software as one.

In addition, they struggled to find booking software that would give them the flexibility to adjust their inventory - like adjusting rental periods for seasonality. The other options they had looked at made it complicated or long-winded, so they couldn’t make the quick adjustments they required easily.

Straightforward and simple

Since using Booqable, Rick and Shelley have managed their products in a way that suits their way of working. They can quickly make changes to products on their store within the software, which is immediately reflected on their store. This has saved them countless hours of fiddling and simplified the process entirely.

They have also provided a more consistent booking experience for their customers by fully integrating it into their website. Now, customers can look-up information, choose their dates and times, see when ATVs are available, and checkout from the Moore ATV website.

The reception from customers has been excellent, with many commenting on how straightforward and simple it is to make a booking. Moore ATV has also seen a rentals increase of 190% over the nine months since they started using Booqable on their website and to manage their inventory.

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