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Making a Life-Changing Decision with Medellin Sport Rentals

Author: Nathan Crossley August 7, 2023 · 3 Min read
Making a Life-Changing Decision with Medellin Sport Rentals

Medellin Sport Rentals




Motorcycle Rentals


Medellin, Colombia

We all know the feeling of disappointment in something on vacation, but most don’t do anything about it. However, Jenson Foti decided to make the life-changing decision to move to Medellin and start his own motorcycle rental business when he found there was none while on vacation. In 2019, he started using Booqable for online bookings and saw a considerable increase.

Medellin Sport Rentals

In 2015, Jenson traveled to Medellin, Colombia, with his friends, anticipating renting motorcycles to explore the city’s surrounding countryside. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be, as they couldn’t find anywhere to rent motorcycles. Still, Jenson fell in love with the city and quickly moved to Medellin two months after returning from vacation.

Shortly after, he bought four scooters and started Medellin Scooter Rentals, operating from the parking garage of his apartment building. He hired the building’s security guard part-time to assist him in running the business. In just six months, he was able to rent his own shop, and the security guard joined him full-time as his National Manager.

Eight years later, Medellin Scooter Rental was renamed Medellin Sport Rentals as Jenson expanded to motorcycles, ATVs, and paragliding rentals. In addition, he has started offering adventure tours to his services, which has been very successful. Despite being such a young company, it is officially the longest-running scooter rental store in the city.

Reservation management

After the first few successful years, Jenson found that managing reservations was becoming more challenging. In 2019, he started looking for a solution in the form of rental software that would improve order management and integrate with his WordPress website. After trying many possibilities, he found that Booqable provided everything he sought.

Thanks to Booqable’s WordPress plugin, Jenson was able to quickly replace his previous booking system and create an improved experience on his website. This made it easier for customers to book and pay online, which has led to an increase in bookings. His team is then able to quickly process the order with Booqable’s workflow making it simple.

When the Booqable mobile app came out in 2022, it replaced the computer the team would use to manage booking in-store. Now, they work from their mobile devices to quickly view order information and process customers’ orders while staying by the customers’ side. This has greatly improved the customer experience and sped up pickups and returns.

Continuing to expand

While the jump from scooters to motorcycles, ATVs, and paragliding equipment was big, it isn’t the end for Jenson. He plans to expand the selection of current vehicles he offers and add cars into the mix. This will open up many more revenue streams for the business and allow him to build on the success to has brought him this far.

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