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How Katahdin Gear Library Made Equipment Tracking Easier with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley August 28, 2023 · 3 Min read
How Katahdin Gear Library Made Equipment Tracking Easier with Booqable

Katahdin Gear Library




Sports Equipment


Maine, USA

It can be challenging to make changes when you’re new to a management position, as you don’t want to rock the boat. However, when Baileigh Studer stepped into managing the Katahdin Gear Library, one of the first things she did was move the equipment management to Booqable. She had been told that the previous system was un-friendly and pushed for better ease of use.

Katahdin Gear Library

The Katahdin Gear Library was created as a branch of Millinocket’s public library, which is run as a non-profit. They offer a range of recreational equipment, from kayaks to canoes, paddleboards, skis, and bikes. In addition, they also have a bike repair shop alongside more standard features you would expect to see in a library, like a common area, free wifi, and maps.

The library is unique to other rental businesses, allowing locals to rent free equipment for up to two days, operating much like a traditional library with similar standards in accessibility and resources as the main branch. The Katahdin Gear Library aims to remove barriers to accessing the outdoors and the incredible trails surrounding the small town.

While they offer short-term rentals to customers for free, they charge a nominal fee for longer-term rentals and those visiting from outside the area. This covers basic costs and allows them to offer outdoor activity programs for children and adults in the community. This is something they have been successful in expanding over the past several months.

User-friendly and responsive

When Baleigh moved to her role at the Katahdin Gear Library, she was told the previous system they had used for inventory management wasn’t very user-friendly. So, they began looking for a new system that is more straightforward to train new staff on. This was especially important as they have teen interns working for them regularly.

Immediately they found that Booqable provided the experience they sought to manage rental equipment. They have found it much cleaner and easier to navigate than their previous system. Meanwhile, they have found customer support to be very responsive and helpful. In addition, the time savings for staff and patrons have been a welcome bonus.

Tracking equipment is now much simpler; they can look at many details to keep up with everything. The mobile app makes it easy to check information when they don’t have their computer present.


Now that inventory management is under control, Baleigh will focus on making the Katahdin Gear Library self-sufficient within five years. In addition, she wants to provide more opportunities for local youth to get involved, whether through internships, jobs, youth programs, or volunteering. There are also expected to be several gear library sub-branches in the surrounding areas by this time.

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