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Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory management process

Easily manage your rental inventory across locations with precision tracking and detailed insights into equipment availability and stock levels.

Person managing stock using rental inventory software
Person managing stock using rental inventory software
Track serialized
inventory and bulk

Monitor, track, and manage your rental inventory with unique identifiers, and quickly handle large quantities in bulk.

Trackable Inventory

Bulk Inventory

Individually trackable rental inventory
Combine products and services into bundles

Streamline your inventory management by creating product bundles and offering them at a reduced price.

Create product bundles
Check availability in real-time

Zoom in on specific products, spot potential conflicts, and check the status of your stock for any date range.

Check availability in real-time
Build a stronger
equipment flow

Specify which stock you're handing out to reduce mistakes and make sure your rental equipment goes out complete.

Our rental business manages over 1,700 unique products in Booqable, and we haven’t had a single outage.

Jonathan Andel, Founder of Equipment Cafe

Equipment flow
From warehouse to
customer – fast

Manage and track your inventory with barcodes to improve productivity and help your customers faster.

Warehouse to customer
Anticipate and resolve shortages

Set up shortage limits for your assets and effectively resolve shortages by adding expected and temporary stock.

Anticipate and resolve shortages
Advanced pricing and rate management

Create your own advanced pricing rules with endless possibilties. Set up weekend pricing, seasonal rates, and more.

Set up advanced pricing rules
Know how your stock
items perform

Measure which products are utilized the most, and use these insights to make better decisions for your rental business.

Product performance

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