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Kartel Scoot Provides a Professional Online Booking Experience with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley December 11, 2023 · 3 Min read
Kartel Scoot Provides a Professional Online Booking Experience with Booqable

Kartel Scoot




Scooter Rentals


Réunion, France

When Florent Dijoux started Kartel Scoot, he had a mission to bring premium motorbike and scooter rentals to the island of Réunion. He began by offering a few scooters, but as he grew and started offering motorbikes, he wanted a more professional image. So, he started using Booqable to accept online bookings on his website rather than asking customers to call or email to make a reservation.

Kartel Scoot

In 2021, as the world was coming out of the pandemic, Florent decided he wanted to start a scooter rental business in his home of Réunion. He aimed to provide a first-class service to locals and tourists visiting the island, allowing them to explore on scooters. He bought a few scooters and began renting them out from his store.

As his business grew, he found that people wanted to travel by scooter and motorbike. He invested in some premium motorbikes, now the primary vehicles he rents out to customers. In addition, he is offering “all-inclusive road trip services,” where customers can book their motorbike or scooter alongside a guided experience.

Accepting online bookings

While Florent found success with Kartel Scoot, he thought that not having online bookings or a whole system to manage customers, inventory, and orders was holding him back. He started looking for a solution that would allow him to embed bookings into his WordPress website easily. After checking out many solutions, he found Booqable best for his use case.

Now, he has integrated Booqable into his WordPress website to accept online bookings. He believes it provides a more professional experience for customers, reflected in the increase in customers he has received since he integrated Booqable. Customers love that they can easily browse his inventory and see what’s available without interacting with the team at Kartel Scoot.

In addition, he has also seen gains in productivity and efficiency from his team. Booqable allows them to manage customers, bookings, and inventory more quickly. In particular, the Calendar view has been a game-changer and a significant upgrade from how they managed them in the past.

Fulfilling dreams

Florent has found success in providing this premium service to his customers as it stands out among the competition on the island. He aims to become the most famous motorbike rental company in Réunion while providing the most beautiful motorbikes. Ultimately, he desires to help people fulfill their dreams and explore the beautiful island in what he believes in the best way possible.

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