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How Thai PC Support Improved Their Computer Rental Service

Author: Nathan Crossley February 22, 2022 · 3 Min read
How Thai PC Support Improved Their Computer Rental Service

Thai PC Support




Computer Rentals


Bangkok, Thailand

When Thai PC Support was founded, its mission was to provide high-quality support for businesses across Thailand. However, they realized that there was a growing market for PC, laptop, and computer accessory rentals as more and more companies rely on technology during their day-to-day operations.

As technology has advanced, the way we interact with it has also changed and adapted. It’s not too long ago that businesses relied solely on phone lines and good old pen and paper. Today, the world is more digital, and now even the simplest of companies depends on computers to perform their function, but this investment can be expensive.

Thai PC Support

Thai PC Support was founded in 2001 to support the IT needs of consumers and businesses across Thailand. Its primary function was to provide maintenance, management, data recovery and help the growing number of people and companies that relied on computers. As technology has developed, so have the company’s services, and now they can provide almost any support requirement.

Five years ago, Thai PC Support decided to start offering hardware rentals throughout the country. This became necessary as the infrastructure grew and the demand for high-quality equipment expanded. Suddenly, many businesses needed access to computers for their rapidly expanding business, and they were looking for an affordable solution.

Now, Thai PC Support offers a wide selection of PCs, laptops, monitors, projectors, and LED screens for rental. Customers could call or email to make a booking and either pick up their products or have them delivered straight to their office. This has made getting computer equipment much easier and more convenient.

Providing premium support

Thai PC Support had established a long history of providing software and hardware support for customers, but rentals were new. They didn’t have a proper system for managing bookings, tracking inventory, and providing invoices to customers. This made it difficult to manage their rental operation and led to significant challenges.

A few months ago, they decided to find rental software that met their needs and gave a more transparent overview of what was happening. After weighing up the different options, they chose to use Booqable as the central hub for managing the rental side of the business. This has had many benefits and allowed them to grow rentals faster than ever before.

With Booqable, their sales team now finds it easy to confirm large orders, forecast when inventory will be back in stock, and send invoices to customers. In addition, they are now able to see exactly where their inventory is, follow up on deliveries and give customers accurate information when support is required.

A bright future

Thai PC Support now offers over 3,000 stock items that customers and businesses can rent in Thailand. They can manage and track inventory better than ever before and can better forecast availability. In addition, customers can now rely on their high-quality service and be sure that what they want is available when they want it.

Since Thai PC Support started using Booqable to manage their rentals, they have seen a month-on-month growth of 18% in rental orders. This has enabled them to service more customers and expand their inventory to meet the growing needs of people and businesses across Thailand.

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