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How Bubble Bounce Party Rentals Uses Technology to Improve Customer Experiences

Author: Nathan Crossley February 19, 2024 · 4 Min read
How Bubble Bounce Party Rentals Uses Technology to Improve Customer Experiences

Bubble Bounce Party Rentals




Party Rentals


Los Angeles, California

The party and event industry can be challenging to navigate, requiring innovation to stand out and succeed. Edwin Garcia achieves this with Bubble Bounce Party Rentals by keeping up with trends in the industry and popular culture. One of his most recent additions to the business has been Booqable, which he and his team use for inventory management, online bookings, and mobile POS.

Bubble Bounce Party Rentals

Edwin founded Bubble Bounce Party Rentals in 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Throughout its life, he has expanded to serve clients of all ages for birthday parties, gender reveals, baby showers, weddings, and themed parties. In addition, he serves other gatherings, such as family reunions, spirited church events, and many other memorable gatherings.

Bubble Bounce Party Rentals offers everything from bounce houses to giant yard games, concession stands, chairs, tables, patio heaters, water slides, tents, and props. This expansion is a result of Edwin’s persistent effort to keep up with trends and adapt his offering to suit the changing needs of his clients.

He has also taken advantage of the changing marketing landscape, using TikTok and other social media to promote his business through behind-the-scenes footage and demonstrations. Edwin has leveraged this to form partnerships and collaborations with influencers and complementary businesses. One example of this has been working with the UFC to provide inflatables for youth activities in their gyms to inspire young people to be active.

Manual work

For the first eight years of operation, Edwin managed everything manually. He managed inventory through Google Sheets, which is how they would track their orders. However, this meant they would make bookings without knowing if something was available, which led to challenges when ensuring equipment wasn’t overbooked on specific dates.

In addition, they didn’t accept online bookings, so the team took reservations manually. This process made creating orders difficult and sending invoices, email reminders, and payment requests cumbersome. They also had a way of accessing bookings while out for delivery and would often take pictures of their journal to keep track of bookings on the go.

Upgrading the workflow

In 2021, Edwin began searching for solutions to his and his team’s challenges. His search led him to many solutions, but he chose Booqable because it had more flexibility and felt less locked down than other services. He has been able to implement solutions to all of the problems he has been facing by automating many of the time-consuming processes he and his team complete daily.

Now, they manage product stock and availability with Booqable’s inventory system, which makes it easy to see what’s available when processing bookings. They have also been able to implement self-service online bookings, so clients can view everything online, see what’s available, and make their bookings. Edwin has also been able to customize his checkout to collect all the information he needs or a reservation.

In addition, he and his team make great use of the mobile app to check orders quickly and efficiently. They use mobile contract signing similar to FedEx and UPS to confirm delivery. Access to customer information in the app also allows them to start navigation instructions directly on their mobile device. Finally, they can process pickups and returns with the barcode scanner without returning to their desks.

Improved customer experience

Over the last couple of years using Booqable, Edwin has seen a significant increase in bookings. Customers love the self-service online bookings offered, which helps Bubble Bounce Party Rentals stand out. In addition, customers are impressed by the mobile app as it makes deliveries feel professional. Leveling up has massively boosted the overall reputation of the business.

Of course, Edwin still needs to improve the company and provide better customer experiences. He will continue to embrace technology to enhance the marketing and outreach of Bubble Bounce Party Rentals. Soon, they will bring augmented reality previews of rentals with 360-degree views of products to their website. Finally, he will focus on sustainability, exploring eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternatives.

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