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How White Willow Event Rentals Successfully Launched with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley December 4, 2023 · 3 Min read
How White Willow Event Rentals Successfully Launched with Booqable

White Willow Event Rentals




Event Rentals


Ontario, Canada

You can spend much of your life working toward a particular field only to find there is still a hole in your heart. After working for several years in the IT field, Magdalena Clements found herself in such a position. She needed creativity and desired to start her own business. So, one day, she quit and started her event rental business. She chose Booqable to serve as the backend and help with her online presence.

White Willow Event Rentals

Magdalena spent some time working in IT, but it always felt like something was missing. While she found her work fulfilling, she lacked a creative outlet and a sense of ownership. So, she decided to quit her corporate job, create a vision of what she would like to provide for customers and invest in some inventory.

Her goal was to create an easy and fast service for event rentals with an online presence. Something that is still unique within her area. She also decided to rent out tables, chairs, backdrops, arches, linens, and centerpieces. Customers can choose whether to pick up the equipment themselves, have it delivered, or have a full-service where it is delivered and set up.

White Willow Event Rentals has succeeded because Magdalena had a complete vision from the beginning. She displayed all her inventory online so customers could view pricing and acquire quick quotes. This is backed by excellent customer service, fast response times, and easy online payments. Additionally, she has a physical showroom where customers can come and check out products in person before committing to booking.

Launching with everything in place

While building her website, Magdalena knew how she wanted to run her business and already had in mind where software could help her.She had particular needs, such as managing inventory, a organized method for creating and monitoring bookings, an online payment option for customers, and seamless integration with her website.

She looked online for software that would satisfy her needs to be successful with online event rentals. During her search, she found another company in Canada that mentioned using Booqable for their event rental business. So, she investigated the software and found that it met all the requirements for implementing an online inventory and rental platform.

Magdalena quickly added her inventory and started integrating it into her WordPress website with the Booqable plugin. This enabled her to easily add the pre-made components and build her website around them where needed. In addition, the workflow for receiving bookings, sending quotes, and accepting payments was perfect for her needs.

Continuing to grow

Magdalena has been very successful and will continue her company’s growth. She is now focused on expanding her inventory and her team. During this expansion, she will keep excellent service at the heart of the business because “there is no better feeling than having a happy customer telling you that your business has been vital for their event’s success.”

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