Rømø Cykler: How a Danish bike rental store delivers exceptional customer experiences

Rømø Cykler: How a Danish bike rental store delivers exceptional customer experiences

The Danish rental shop Rømø Cykler was established in 2009 and is now one of Rømø’s busiest bike rental companies. Tom Maas founded the company after many customers inquired about bike rentals at his previous workplace. All these questions sparked the idea to set up shop on the Danish island of Rømø and turn bike rentals into his core business.

Before using Booqable, Tom and his team relied heavily on the use of Excel sheets and old-fashioned pen and paper. Hand-written contracts and paper agendas were nothing out of the ordinary. “Back then, we also had an online booking system on our website, although it lacked synchronization with our rental inventory.”

But the website connection wasn’t the only area for improvement. “We primarily needed a way to digitalize our rental management process so that we wouldn’t get overwhelmed when the summer season arrived.” Tom searched for a simple way to manage rental inventory and handle checkouts, as those areas would have the most significant impact on daily operations.

Tom Maas and the Rømø Cykler storefront

We use Booqable to manage our rental fleet and make sure we don’t overbook any biking gear.

With Booqable, Rømø Cykler brought the essential aspects of their rental business together on one platform. They can monitor the status of each bike on a calendar and reserve them for customers using real-time data. Tom presents the same data on his website by embedding the products from his Booqable account. Now, customers can enter a date range and immediately see which bikes are available, which is something most customers expect from today’s rental companies.

“The website connection has two advantages. Not only can we provide quicker rental experiences on our website and eliminate overbooking, but it also gives us the time to focus on serving our customers, since we’re spending less time answering phone calls and emails. We still love to offer personal advice and help customers make the right decisions. However, the online store serves those who prefer to book online, without first having to get in touch. It’s faster for everyone.”

Now, Rømø Cykler runs on a single rental management platform. The team can create orders when customers visit the store, manage bookings that come in through their website, and eliminate mistakes by reserving gear for specific rental durations. For Rømø Cykler, Booqable doesn’t only make for better customer experiences. It also makes rentals more manageable when the busy summer season arrives.

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