Rømø Cykler
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Rømø Cykler

RØMØ CYKLER, A DUTCH OWNED BICYCLE RENTAL COMPANY IN DENMARK launched in 2009 to keep up with a high demand for bikes during their previous endeavor. While co-owning a sand yachting business, visitors, tourists, and locals frequently started inquiring about bike rentals - sparking the idea to turn what once was their side business, into their core business.

Being transparent about availability is crucial for us. With Booqable checking in-and-out items is a piece of cake; we can monitor our inventory at a glance.

Booqable helps them get work done. “Before adopting Booqable, we handled our day-to-day tasks the old-fashioned way. Hand-written contracts, along with basic paper agendas were nothing out of the ordinary” explains Tom Maas, Founder of Rømø Cykler. “We already had a booking module on our website, but it lacked the synchronization with our inventory”.

Maas showing off his shop

They now have an integral tool for listing their inventory, contracts, and orders, increasing efficiency across the company. “Booqable had to be just as fast, preferably faster, than our previous way of doing things. Their platform lets us work smoother than ever and enables us to keep moving forward”. A big asset in that is Reports, which supports them in growing and evolving their business. “Reports gives us perfect insight into our products’ performance and turned out to be an essential tool in guiding our future investments”.

Maas says that checking availability became effortless. “Being transparent about which items are available for rent is crucial. Informing customers about available items has become a piece of cake; we can check our inventory at a glance”.

Currently, the team is busy adding the Booqable Shop to their website, preparing them for next season and further enhancing their booking experience.

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