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Who we are

We are the engineers of a brighter, more accessible future for rental business owners. We live and breath rentals to bring entrepeneurs access to the tools they need to run a successful rental business.

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Our culture

We don’t believe in hierarchy. Everyone’s work and contributions to conversations matter just as much as anyone elses. Each of us works together to bring the dream of more accessible rentals to everyone.

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How we work

We work in short sprints with defined results. We work in close contact with our customers. We make sure that small teams have a big impact on our product and our customers.

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Our core beliefs

Rentals are accessible. Rentals are local. Rentals are sustainable. Rentals are for everyone, everywhere

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for dedicated people who want to be part of something much bigger than themselves. You should have a passion for helping others and contributing to a better future for mankind.

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Remote working

We are a remote-first company, so you can work wherever you want. Whether that’s in bed, on the beach or in a cafe.

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We work in small teams, so every member can have an impact on Booqable and help us to achieve our goals.

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Flexible vacation

Free-choice over when you take your vacations. Want a month off in the summer? Great! Want a couple of days off to move house? Excellent!

Open positions

Senior Fullstack Engineer - Core team (Europe)


Remote - Europe

Senior Backend Engineer - Core team (Europe)


Remote - Europe

Senior Backend Engineer - Stability team (America)


Remote - America

Senior DevOps Engineer - Stability team (America)


Remote - America

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