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LEO Linx Takes the Guesswork out of Renting Starlink Satellites with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley June 10, 2024 · 3 Min read
LEO Linx Takes the Guesswork out of Renting Starlink Satellites with Booqable

LEO Linx




Starlink satellite rentals


Utah, USA

Starlink satellites have seen a wave of popularity ever since they were introduced. Their portable nature makes them ripe for renting to users looking for temporary access to the internet in remote locations. Ryan Berg is enthusiastic about providing this customer experience and started LEOLinx with this goal. He chose Booqable as his online booking and inventory management platform to make it easy for customers to book these systems.

LEO Linx

Ryan started renting out Starlink satellite internet units for events and remote high-speed communication in 2022 in Utah. He initially started LEO Linx for people in his local area who needed internet access while in remote locations like the salt lakes. However, he has since expanded to offering Starlink satellite rentals globally, servicing customers in Canada, the UK, and Germany.

Now, his customers include people who use Starlink systems in their RVs, houseboats, and remote cabins to get high-speed internet access. This allows them to work and play in areas where the Internet is inaccessible otherwise. It helps them feel safer knowing they have access to the Internet and communication in case of an emergency.

While Ryan began by renting out Starlink satellites, he has since expanded into additional equipment. These items are essential in the areas that his customers choose to visit. They include solar panels, portable power stations, and satellite phones. Being a one-stop shop, he can serve the wider needs of customers exploring remote locations.

Taking the guesswork out of renting

One of Ryan’s goals was to make renting Starlink satellites easy for customers. He searched for a system where he could manage his inventory and automate the entire booking process with a professional experience for customers. During his search, he found Booqable, and after setting up the system, he discovered that it perfectly met his needs with a low barrier to entry.

He used the website builder to create a simple website that clearly outlines his offer and rental process and provides customers with all the information they need to make a booking. The built-in Stripe integration makes it easy for him to process customer payments at the checkout without chasing them, which was essential for creating a streamlined experience for customers.

In addition, automated email confirmations whenever a customer makes a booking reduce the time spent managing bookings. He has found that customers are very satisfied with their booking experience, which has helped him build trust in his local community. Finally, he uses the Booqable mobile app to get a high-level overview of upcoming rentals.

Fully automated pickup process

Ryan has many goals for LEO Linx, but his primary one for the coming years is to fully automate the pickup and return process. He wants to allow customers to pick up Starlink units in popular recreation areas worldwide. This will allow him to expand even more quickly and reduce administration time when processing bookings.

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