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Growing from One City to 15 States with Rents4baby and Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley November 15, 2021 · 4 Min read
Growing from One City to 15 States with Rents4baby and Booqable





Baby Gear Rentals


Sacramento, California


Sometimes finding a solution to your own problems can help many others. Taylor Horn did this when he saw a gap in the market while his wife was pregnant with their first child and looking for affordable baby products. Now, with the assistance of Booqable, he has been able to expand his business from one city to 15 states in just two years.

As society becomes more conscious of our consumerist practices’ waste, it becomes more apparent that rentals are the future. For example, with baby products, you only need them for a few months, so it doesn’t make sense to buy them when you can rent them, and more people can get use out of them.


A little over four years ago, Taylor Horn and his wife were expecting their first child. As any couple would do, they were looking for the best baby gear at an affordable price point. However, they didn’t want to worry about selling or storing the items after just a few months of use. After all, babies grow out of things very fast, and they grow rapidly.

They decided to look into renting baby products for themselves, as this was much more economical than overspending on new gear. Fortunately, this is when they saw a gap in the market as they found it difficult to find a place that offered these services in their city. So, they started their rental business with just a SNOO bassinet and soon found it was something others needed.

From there, the business grew, and they now offer everything a child could need during its first year. It has proven incredibly popular among parents who don’t want to purchase products they will only use for a few months. Their typical customers are new parents or families on vacation, and their service has meant people come back for their second, third, and fourth baby.

Building an online presence

In the early days, Rents4baby’s website was essentially nothing more than an advertisement. It listed the products available and offered potential customers a number to call to book the items they needed. Unfortunately, it made the entire process difficult for Taylor and his wife and their customers, who often faced long wait times.

After a couple of years, Taylor sought out rental software to manage his business and offer online booking. When he came across Booqable, he says it was a game-changer for the company. Now, customers can browse their selection of baby gear, make their choice, checkout, and pay online at a time that’s convenient for them.

Being able to offer online bookings has meant that they have been able to capture more customers. It has also made the transaction process effortless, and they’ve been able to leverage this success to expand from one city to 15 states across the United States. This has enabled them to help more families and grow rentals by over 500% since implementing Booqable.

Continuing expansion

Taylor and his wife have been able to build a customer base that expands across 15 states already, but they are keen to grow more. They have plans to offer their services in every US state soon. In particular, their success has come from traveling families and needing baby gear while they’re on vacation.

This expansion has also allowed them to offer more and more gear from popular brands like SNOO, Doona, Veer, UPPAbaby, Nuna, BOB, 4moms, and many more. They believe in helping their customers get access to the highest quality products for their babies without having to spend a fortune.

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