Accept payments across all channels

Receive payments online and in-store with Booqable’s powerful rental software solution designed to help you capture more revenue and get paid faster.

Person making online payment
Various online payment options at checkout

Accept payments on your rental website

Let your customers use their preferred payment methods to pay for their rental. Accept credit cards, PayPal, and many local payment options in your checkout.

Easily charge and refund credit card payments

Enhance your customers’ in-store rental experience by initiating credit card payments and performing refunds, all from within the Booqable back-office.

Image of a successful credit card charge
Screenshot of Booqable's pre-authorization feature

Reduce chargebacks with pre-authorizations

Until now, security deposits involved refunds. With Booqable, pre-authorize credit cards and capture security deposits when rental items come back damaged or go missing.

Getting paid is as simple as sending a link

Stop chasing your money. Start sending your customers payment links. The link takes them to a secure, Booqable-hosted payment page where they can quickly pay online.

Payment request

Watch the payments come in

Our rental software shows you the payment status of every order, so tracking your payments becomes effortless.

Payment statuses

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