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How eBike Escapes uses Booqable to Grow Their Rental Business

Author: Nathan Crossley November 14, 2022 · 3 Min read
How eBike Escapes uses Booqable to Grow Their Rental Business

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Ashbourne, UK

Over the last few years, the popularity of eBikes has increased massively in countries like the Netherlands, but in the UK, they haven’t. They are seen as being too expensive and aren’t affordable for many. Harry Buckingham saw this as an opportunity to give people access to eBikes without the hefty price tag, and he uses Booqable to accept online bookings and grow his business.

eBike Escapes

Harry Buckingham started eBike Escapes as a family business in 2022 on the outskirts of the Peak District. He saw the fantastic benefits of eBikes but realized that they cost too much for many Brits to invest in. This led to him finding an opening in the market for renting out eBikes, so he set about creating eBike Escapes as his new business venture.

However, to achieve the reach and impact he was aiming for, he needed to create a twist on the traditional rental model. eBike Escapes operates primarily on a delivery model with bikes stored in the Peak District and North West Kent. This has allowed him to have almost complete coverage of the country, and he now delivers wherever customers ask to receive their bikes.

In addition to renting out eBikes, Harry also offers customers the ability to rent roof boxes and cycle racks. This allows them to rent their complete vacation transport system conveniently. Customers can get everything delivered before they go on vacation rather than stressing about sorting everything when they get there. The goal is to power their adventure.

Anticipating missed opportunities

When setting up his rental business, Harry came across a few areas he viewed as missed opportunities within its operation. One example is the reliance on paperwork and the lack of automation. This would cause a headache as the company grew and could limit his ability to work as efficiently as he needed to achieve his goals for the business.

Initially, he had planned to operate the business through phone and email but quickly realized that this wasn’t conducive. This way of operating meant he would have no way of accepting online bookings, limiting his advertising opportunities which were essential in the early stages. This could also mean that users would have poor interactions on his website, leading to lost business.

Harry knew that he would need a software solution that could help him to accept online bookings and payments, track inventory, and be accessible from anywhere. So, he started trials with several rental software providers to determine which would be the most effective for achieving his financial and efficiency goals.

Setting up for success

After he had tried a few different options, he decided that Booqable suited his needs the best. He has been able to integrate Booqable with his website so he can accept online bookings. This has improved the customer experience and increased the bookings he receives. It has also meant that online advertising efforts have been much more fruitful.

He is also able to manage all his bookings, inventory, and payments in one place without the need for paperwork. It is easy for Harry to keep on top of day-to-day tasks, and he loves that everything is automated, so he has to spend little time on administration. Since implementing Booqable he has been able to focus on growing his business and other valuable activities.

In addition, he has found the mobile app incredibly useful. Being a delivery-first company, he needs access to his bookings wherever he is. The app gives him access to delivery addresses, payment statuses, and contact details, all in his pocket. This has given him the confidence that he won’t disappoint customers and ensures they always receive the best service possible.

Expanding the fleet

Harry has been able to kickstart eBike Escapes thanks to Booqable and is looking to grow his fleet quickly. He is also considering expanding into the corporate sector and working with tour operators. Customers love the booking experience as they get a clear overview of what’s available and how much they can expect to pay as soon as they browse his website.

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