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What We Shipped in 2023: Product Highlights

Author: Nathan Crossley January 11, 2024 · 3 Min read
What We Shipped in 2023: Product Highlights

In 2023, we shipped a lot of new features to improve your rental management experience and online booking for customers. These releases included new features, improvements to existing functionality, UX/UI updates, security and stability improvements, and bug fixes. So, without further ado, let’s get into the highlights of what we shipped in 2023.

Rental management updates

New menu

An improved design and experience to meet the structure of your day-to-day tasks.


Improved collection screens

An updated user interface to make information easier to find with improved status indicators.


Improved calendar

A better overview of your bookings provides more information while taking up less screen space.


Improved email editor

Preview emails before they’re sent and keep track of activity with email history and logging.


Support for multiple languages

Booqable now supports Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Portuguese (Brazil) in the backend.


Additional updates

  • More control over buffer time
  • Allow fixed discounts
  • Invoice due dates
  • Improved date picker in the order screen
  • Duplicate products
  • Visual settings
  • Advanced pricing improvements

Website builder updates

New online store dashboard

The new home for your online store with easy access to the website builder, website integrations, and help center articles.


17 new website templates

The website builder launched with just one theme. This year, it has been expanded to include 17 new themes with more on the way.


All-new mini cart

The website mini cart has had a complete overhaul, so your customers will have a better experience.


Cart editor

The expanded cart on your website can be edited to match the feeling of your website.


Website editor improvements

The website editor has been improved to make it easier to understand what changes are being made.


Additional updates

  • Improved tracking
  • SEO settings
  • Dynamic product collections
  • Favicons in the online store
  • AI product descriptions

Mobile app updates

Official Android release

After almost a year of building and testing, the Booqable Android app was officially released to the public.


Refreshed UI

A refreshed design to make managing rentals on the go easier, including a new dashboard with quick action buttons.


Set up barcodes in-app

Barcodes can be scanned and assigned to specific products using the mobile app’s built-in scanner to make setting up barcodes easier.


Sign contracts on mobile

Customers can now sign contracts without needing to be at a counter or waiting for a print-out with mobile contract signing.


And many more..

These are just some of the notable updates we shipped in 2023. We also shipped hundreds of bug fixes, stability, and security improvements. In addition to updates to rental management, the website builder, and the mobile app, we also made it easier to get started with Booqable. We introduced the onboarding checklist, in-app hints and videos, and setup packages. We look forward to bringing you more useful improvements in 2024.

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