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In 2009, Bjinse, Arjen, and Johan developed bespoke software for Budgetcam, a Dutch camera rental business Bjinse had founded several years earlier. It was successful in growing revenue and improving the efficiency, allowing it to become the market leader in the Netherlands with 8 stores in 7 major cities with over 100 team members.

The trio thought that this software would be helpful for other rental businesses and decided to create a commercially available version. The goal was to create an open and flexible rental software that is suitable for all types of rental business. Booqable was launched in 2014 and now helps over 4,000 rental businesses to streamline their operations and increase revenue. helping other rental businesses to grow

At Booqable, we are committed to helping rental businesses to succeed by making it easier to manage inventory and accept online bookings. Every day, thousands of people around the world rely on our rental software to run their business.

We're constantly gathering customer feedback and improving our product to meet the evolving needs of our customers, rental business owners. Booqable supports streamlined and flexible workflows. Our product helps teams to organize their inventory, automate daily tasks and get more bookings through their online store.


Buy less, rent more

Local entrepreneurship

Rental businesses are the paragon of local entrepreneurship. We believe rentals will always remain local and community-driven.


Everything we buy has an impact on our planet. Renting is the sustainable alternative to extend a product’s lifespan and reduce waste.


Renting should be as simple as shopping, both online and in-store, to meet modern consumer demands and improve the experience.

Our global team

Headquartered in Leeuwarden, Booqable is a remote-first company with a team working and living in 9 countries.

🇳🇱 Bjinse van der Zwaag

Bjinse van der Zwaag

Founder & CEO

🇳🇱 Arjen Oosterkamp

Arjen Oosterkamp

Founder & Engineering

🇳🇱 Johan van Zonneveld

Johan van Zonneveld

Founder & Engineering

🇳🇱 Herman de Bruine

Herman de Bruine

Product Owner

🇱🇻 Jānis Kristaps Rotkalis

Jānis Kristaps Rotkalis


🇳🇱 Klaas Speller

Klaas Speller


🇳🇱 Rick Pasveer

Rick Pasveer


🇺🇦 Yaroslav Vovchenko

Yaroslav Vovchenko


🇳🇱 Wiebe Geertsma

Wiebe Geertsma


🇳🇱 Cees Wiersma

Cees Wiersma


🇳🇱 Thomas Hassing

Thomas Hassing


🇭🇷 Zoran Majstorovic

Zoran Majstorovic


🇭🇷 Filip Defar

Filip Defar


🇳🇱 Rein Staalman

Rein Staalman


🇳🇱 Tjalling van der Wal

Tjalling van der Wal


🇳🇱 Tjerk Jansma

Tjerk Jansma

UI/UX Design

🇳🇱 Jeffrey van der Veer

Jeffrey van der Veer


🇬🇧 Nathan Crossley

Nathan Crossley


🇳🇱 Melle Renema

Melle Renema


🇳🇱 Ramon van den Borg

Ramon van den Borg


🇦🇺 Catrin Donnelly

Catrin Donnelly


🇵🇱 Igor Polanski

Igor Polanski

Customer Care

🇷🇸 Ana Planincic

Ana Planincic

Customer Care

🇧🇷 Rafael Rocha

Rafael Rocha

Customer Care

🇨🇴 Alba Ante

Alba Ante

Customer Care

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