Booqable started out in early spring, 2014.

Booqable's Roots

The years prior to that, we built the rental backend for Budgetcam, the most well-known camera rental business in the Netherlands. Once in use, the company grew rapidly, sparking the idea to make this system available to others.

We felt the need for a simplified version of the product because the majority of rental software we stumbled upon was complex, flooded with features, and tailored for big corporations. After trial and error, we made a stripped-down version, only containing essential features for small to medium-sized businesses.

Booqable strives to be the new standard for small rental teams, providing them with a simple and powerful application which supports their daily tasks.

The Team

Bjinse van der Zwaag

Founder & CEO

Arjen Oosterkamp

Founder & Engineering

Johan van Zonneveld

Founder & Engineering

Herman de Bruine

Product Owner

Calvin Walzel


Jānis Kristaps Rotkalis


Sander Tuin

Backend Engineering

Klaas Speller


Rick Pasveer


Jeffrey van der Veer


Nathan Crossley


Marissa Lown-Klein

Customer Care

Robert Crisp


Ramon van den Borg


Catrin Donnelly


Yaroslav Vovchenko

Frontend Engineering

Tjerk Jansma

UI/UX Design

Melle Renema


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