Streamline the way you manage bike rentals

Booqable is built to streamline your bike rental business. When you need to track orders, accept online reservations, manage rental bikes, generate invoices, and accept payments, Booqable has you covered.

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Trusted by the world's greatest bike rental shops – big and small

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Bike rentals, simplified

Our rental software helps you track bike rentals from start to finish. You always know which bikes are available, picked up, and returned on time.

  • Fast, reliable planning
  • Detailed, accurate inventory tracking
  • Smooth pickups and returns
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New orders, all day long

Booqable is the only bike rental software designed for more than inventory management. Accept reservations around the clock and reduce your time on admin.

Booqable supports these payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Bancontact, giropay and iDeal among others
Easily embed your rental bikes on your website

You're in good company

Increased revenue by 28%

"Booqable is a priceless tool that helps us accept orders and payments via our website."

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"Booqable fits my business better than any other bike rental software out there."

"Booqable is the right solution for us to track and manage our high-performance rental fleet."

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