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Taking Stock and Making Improvements with White Sound Ibiza

Author: Nathan Crossley May 16, 2022 · 3 Min read
Taking Stock and Making Improvements with White Sound Ibiza

White Sound Ibiza




Sound Equipment Rentals


Ibiza, Spain

When your business is growing quickly, time can feel like it’s flying. There are things that you want to improve but never quite have the chance. For many, like White Sound Ibiza, this has been the hidden blessing within the pandemic. Having the time to take stock of their inventory and logistics led them to Booqable as the solution for the issues that had built up over time.

It’s exciting to be in the moment as your brilliant idea grows and blossoms into a thriving business. However, it’s also easy to get swept up in this growth and have less than perfect processes for day-to-day tasks. That’s why it’s always good to take a step back and look at how your business operates and take action on the things that need to be improved.

White Sound Ibiza

Eight years ago, White Sound Ibiza was founded on the party capital of the Mediterranean, the White Island of Ibiza. They started with just a couple of speakers, which they rented out to people hosting parties. Although, soon, they began to grow and have been on an amazing journey to where they are now as the best-rated sound system company on the island.

From just a couple of speakers, they have expanded their offering to include audiovisual equipment for almost every kind of event. Their clients include everyone from people hosting private parties to entire music festivals. As such, they have equipped themselves to offer the maximum range of gear, from affordable products for small parties to top brands for high-end events.

The team prides itself in providing a close and customized service where they can work with clients to advise them and maximize the effectiveness of their service. This has helped them build the reputation of being the best AV rental service on the island. Alongside this, it helped them establish a solid online presence that reinforces their strong client-business relationship.

Growing pains

Due to the rapid nature of the company’s growth, some issues didn’t get the attention they needed. Chief among these was their difficulty with stock management. There would come points where they had so many rental requests that it became difficult to know what was available as scheduling was done manually through a calendar.

Despite these issues, they have been able to cater to their client’s requests despite the hectic scheduling of equipment. The downtime they faced during the pandemic gave them time to reflect on their processes finally. It became clear that a lot of time was wasted tracking down equipment and arranging the logistics of their growing inventory of sound gear.

Just three clicks!

Once it became clear that White Sound Ibiza needed a better way of keeping track of their equipment and bookings, they looked for software. After checking out a few options, they decided that Booqable gave them all the tools they needed to accomplish their goals. As a bonus, it enabled them to build on their online presence by adding bookings to their website.

They no longer waste time working out what’s available for a specific rental period. When manually creating an order, they can quickly discover the answer with Booqable’s live availability, while their customers can do the same on their website when making a booking online. This has made it much easier to plan and manage equipment bookings and logistics.

Meanwhile, Booqable’s bundle feature allows the team to create a quote in just three clicks. A process that previously meant going product by product, remembering what a client had requested, and manually calculating discounts. They can quickly put together bundles for clients and keep them in their inventory for any future bookings.

Clean, consistent, and trustworthy

White Sound Ibiza spent many years building up its reputation, and the addition of Booqable has helped keep it clean, consistent, and trustworthy. By using rental software, they have saved time with stock management. While automating the process, the entire order flows from beginning to end by allowing clients to book online through their website.

In addition, using the Booqable mobile app has allowed them to access their orders anywhere, anytime, which has allowed them to be versatile with their clients, no matter where they are located. As the summer season approaches, they are looking forward to utilizing Booqable to give customers the best experience possible.

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