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Expanding into Luxury Event Furniture Rentals with The Top Pic Collective

Author: Nathan Crossley March 15, 2022 · 3 Min read
Expanding into Luxury Event Furniture Rentals with The Top Pic Collective

The Top Pic Collective




Event Rentals


Detroit, Michigan

When you start a business in college, you never know where it will go. Britney Hoskins started The Top Pic Collective as a photo booth company but quickly expanded into event decor design services. Recently, she decided to pursue a gap in the luxury rental market and chose Booqable to support the idea and bring her rental business to life.

It’s not uncommon for people to start a business during college, whether as a side hustle or full-time. However, growing and running the business after college is quite a challenge. It takes creative, decisive, and ambitious people to make it work and develop the business as they gain more and more experience in the field.

The Top Pic Collective

Britney Hoskins started The Top Pic Collective in 2017. It was initially a photo booth business, hence the name “Top Pic”. However, it quickly evolved. She started offering event decor design services and has helped many people and companies in Detroit create the perfect setting for their parties, weddings, and corporate events.

As she is heavily involved in the decor market, she has been able to keep a pulse on what’s trending. In 2021, she noticed a gap in the Detroit events landscape for luxury event rentals. Expanding into this market meant that she could offer advice for clients planning events and provide the needed furniture and equipment.

In addition, it has provided her with a platform to showcase trending items, how they can be incorporated into an event, and even design her own props and furniture. It’s still early days, but thanks to her genius marketing, the rental side of the business is a qualified success and looks set to grow massively as we head further into 2022.

Answering common questions

When Britney decided she wanted to expand her business to incorporate luxury event rentals, she knew she would need a platform that met her client’s needs as well as her own. Upon researching rental software that offered both a management system and online bookings, she decided that Booqable was the best fit for her new idea to succeed.

She has taken advantage of the hosted store with her subscription to create a dedicated landing page for rentals. It has allowed her to showcase her products in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Most importantly, it helps answer clients’ questions without contacting her to wait for a reply.

They can see what products she has to offer, how many items are available, when they are available, and how much they cost. These three aspects were essential when deciding what rental software she wanted to use. In addition, the backend management makes it easy for her to track bookings and arrange deliveries with customers.

A strong launch

Britney recently launched her luxury event rentals on her website, and they have been met with a great reception. Clients love how intuitive and informative the online store is and the fact they can book 24 hours a day. Plus, within the first 30 days of launching, the number of rentals booked has far exceeded her expectations.

When you combine your passion and depth of knowledge with powerful tools, you can achieve truly great things. This is just the beginning for Britney, and she is set to grow her business massively over the coming months. In addition to offering great advice and design services, she can now fulfill her clients’ dreams with luxury furniture alongside them.

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