LVCH: Booqable helps London Video Camera Hire plan for growth

LVCH: Booqable helps London Video Camera Hire plan for growth

London Video Camera Hire is London’s most prominent equipment rental agency for close to twenty years now. Back in the day, the three-man team only owned one camera, which was rented out on the odd occasion, earning them a bit of extra cash. After re-marketing their business and altering their customer base, this one camera grew into a range of products, which they rent out using Booqable.

People started to understand there’s a world of difference between putting an informational piece on their website, and posting a video of a cat falling from a tree.

Mike noticed some remarkable changes in the industry at the start of this decade, expanding their business to a great extent. “People got used to capturing images themselves, which usually leads to low-res footage, unsuitable for professional use. We enter the picture when they need quality content, gearing them up with the right equipment for the job.”

With the number of customers increasing, the team signed up for Booqable to stay organized and prevent human error. “What attracted us was that the system simplified our workflow, meaning we could create an easily accessible customer database, and stay on top of our stock.”

The use of trackable items prevents equipment loss, and packing slips help them to do a final check-up before each hire package leaves the building. “Along with invoicing, contracts and packing slips, Booqable allows us to do everything from one place, making our workflow better than ever before.”

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