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Masta Aanhangwagens

Masta Aanhangwagens

At Masta, a great customer experience comes first and foremost. Masta thinks along with their customers during the entire rental process. When they noticed people’s need to return trailers after business hours, they turned to Booqable’s API to fully automate the return process.

Previously, we used a 20-year old custom Delphi application. The switch to Booqable allowed us to plan and staff far more efficiently. Also, our customers really love the possibility to return trailers after business hours. For some, this is the primary reason to rent here.

To return a trailer to an enclosed outside area, customers open a gate by filling in their order number and corresponding zip code at the dedicated website Through Booqable’s API, the system then checks whether the information matches a started order in Booqable.

While a notification is sent to two employees who monitor the process remotely, the entry gate opens automatically to allow the customer to enter the premises. After the customer leaves the site through a second fence, Booqable stops the order, making sure the same information cannot be used to enter the premises again.

With Booqable, Masta really made a name for themselves, renting out a wide variety of trailers to both businesses and individuals.

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