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Taylor’d Events 803 Reduces Back and Forth with Online Bookings

Author: Nathan Crossley May 6, 2024 · 3 Min read
Taylor’d Events 803 Reduces Back and Forth with Online Bookings

Taylor'd Events 803




Event decor rentals


South Carolina, USA

When you can take what you love and turn it into your own business, it’s a very special thing. Taylor McFarland always had a passion for decorating personal events, and saw the opportunity to turn it into a rental business. She started Taylor’d events in 2021 and has spent the last few years growing it. In 2022, she started using Booqable to accept online bookings, saving time, and increasing revenue.

Taylor’d Events 803

Taylor discovered a love for decorating personal events at a young age and has spent much time honing her craft. She would help decorate for family events and parties, but she didn’t think about turning it into business. However, after doing the decoration for her sister’s graduation party, she decided to take the plunge and start her own event rental business.

Taylor’d Events 803 offers a lot of decor items, including balloon decor, arched walls, displays, neon lights, chair covers, carpets, plushes, champagne walls, stands, chairs, candy, carts and signs. This allows Taylor to offer almost everything someone would need to create a unique event. Her customers include people planning weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and corporate events.

By building on something she was already passionate about, Taylor has been able to create a thriving business that offers unique decor items that people can’t find anywhere else. This individuality has allowed her to stand out from competitors in South Carolina. She now has four full-time employees and even hires occasional helpers for busy weekends where multiple events are booked.

Back and forth

While growing her rental business, Taylor came across a few challenges that were preventing it from reaching its full potential. For the first year or so, she was accepting bookings manually, which led to a lot of back and forth with customers. She also found it difficult to display accurate information about products like pricing and details. So, she started to look for a software solution to address the above.

Taylor found that Booqable provided the best experience for not only her team, but also her customers. She was able to quickly add products and their corresponding details and display them in a clear and intuitive way on her website. This allows customers to browse and build a quote in their own time with an accurate expectation of the costs.

This has helped her to save time and streamline the rental process as she no longer has to go back and forth with customers to determine their needs. In addition, she has also seen a great increase in bookings as the self-service style she has implemented allows customers to do so at their own leisure. Finally, the mobile app has made it easy to keep track of inventory and prepare deliveries.

More products

Taylor has grown a successful and thriving rental business with Taylor’d Events 803. She now expects to continue to expand her inventory with even more unique products. This will help her work with more people planning events and create memorable experiences with them. She is also excited to see what Booqable has coming up and how it can aid her in growing her rental business.

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