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Manage rentals in-store, on-site, and on the go

Take your rental business everywhere and make your day-to-day tasks even easier with the Booqable rental app for iOS and Android.

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Fulfilling orders has never been this easy

Whether you're on the shop floor or the warehouse, you have access to all your orders in your pocket. Serve walk-in customers and fulfill orders from your smartphone for quicker and easier order management.

Booqable app order details
Booqable app order details

Improve accuracy with barcode scanning

The built-in barcode scanner allows you to be more accurate with pickups and returns. By scanning products in and out, you can be sure that you'll only check out and check in the right products and reduce human error.

Associate barcodes to products in-app

Use the mobile app to associate barcodes with products with using external equipment. Stick barcodes to your products and use your phones camera to associate them with your products and stock items.

Booqable app order details
Booqable app order details

Communication is as easy as texting

If you're on the shop floor and you need something from the back office, all you need to do is write a note on an order and your teammates will receive a notification, so they can respond instantly.

Request and accept payments on mobile

Managing payments is super easy with the mobile app. You can send payment requests via email, text, or QR code, so customers can make payments from their smartphone.

Booqable app order details

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