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Scaling from Renting out 30 to over 1,000 Bikes with Fun Pug Bike Rentals

Author: Nathan Crossley November 27, 2023 · 3 Min read
Scaling from Renting out 30 to over 1,000 Bikes with Fun Pug Bike Rentals

Fun Pug Bike Rentals




Bike Rentals


Destin, Florida

Casey Yarbrough caught the entrepreneurial bug and began the journey of starting a his own business. One day, after exploring his options, he decicded to start a bike rental delivery business, Fun Pug Bike Rentals. It has gone from strength to strength since its inception and now uses Booqable to manage over 1,000 bikes.

Fun Pug Bike Rentals

In early 2018, Casey found himself with a strong desire to embark on his entrepreneurial journey. He was in the perfect position to launch his own business. After exploring various possibilities, he arrived at the idea of a bike rental delivery service. After much dedicated preparation, he launched Fung Pug Bike Rentals in Florida and delivered his first bike in May 2018.

It wasn’t long before the endeavor surpassed his wildest expectations. He found a lot of satisfaction in delivering bikes to customers and putting a smile on their faces. Before he knew it, word of mouth spread like wildfire, and he went from delivering 30 bikes on his own from his garage to delivering over 1,000 bikes from a warehouse with five drivers.

Fun Pug Bike Rentals is now the go-to bike rental service for tourists visiting the Emerald Coast in Florida. Casey has built up their reputation for top-notch bikes and excellent customer service. This is further evidenced by his partnership with a local property management company. They worked together to create custom-designed bikes and recently had hundreds delivered to rent out to his customers.

A professional booking experience

While Casey has done an incredible job of scaling his business, it wasn’t without challenges. For the first few years, he would manage bookings by accepting calls and working with cumbersome spreadsheets. This made it challenging to manage bookings and inventory. In addition, he found plugins for his WordPress website would reduce its performance.

In 2020, he began looking for a solution to assist him in all three aspects, helping him save time and grow the business. After trying many options, Booqable was the most suitable for this business operation and workflow. He seamlessly integrated Booqable with his WordPress website via the lightweight WordPress plugin. This allowed him to accept online bookings and reduce the time spent on calls while having a minimal impact on website performance.

Casey also transformed his inventory management, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and significantly reducing human error. Additionally, he has seen Fun Pug Bike Rentals go from a “mom and pop” type business to a more professional image. This has been achieved with Booqable’s online booking process, management features, and document generation.

Continuing to grow

As Fun Pug continues to grow, it will expand its offering through various additions to its service. Casey hopes to incorporate sales alongside rentals to take advantage of Booqable multiple product types. He is also experimenting with remote bike rentals where customers can scan a QR code, book online, and receive a unique bike lock code. Finally, he is looking to expand with more locations across Florida and perhaps beyond.

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