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iOS App 3.0: UI and Usability Improvements

Author: Nathan Crossley June 9, 2023 · 4 Min read
iOS App 3.0: UI and Usability Improvements

Today, we have released version 3.0 of the Booqable iOS app, featuring improvements to the UI and usability, as well as more options to customize orders from your iPhone or iPad. This update is a significant leap forward in the usability of our iOS app that brings up closer to achieving the goals we set out when we first started planning to bring Booqable to mobile devices.

The Booqable iOS app is now more user-friendly and brings powerful features that give you more freedom when working with orders from your mobile device. You can now create, edit, and remove custom properties, add fixed discounts, and more from the order screen. Let’s dive into all the changes and how they can benefit your rental business.

New order screens

We have completely redesigned the order screens and how you create and interact with orders in the iOS app. Creating complex orders, making adjustments, registering payments, adding custom properties, and adding notes to orders is a much more friendly experience.

User interface improvements


The user interface of the primary order screen has been completely redesigned to make the most of the space. Previously, all the information was small and presented on a static screen. Now, all actions are much bigger and take advantage of a scrolling design. This makes interacting with customers, rental periods, and line items easier.

Fixed discounts on mobile


Recently, in the Booqable web app, we added the ability to add fixed discounts to orders. Previously, discounts could only be applied with percentages, which made it challenging to create an exact discount. Fixed discounts allow you to enter the precise discount amount you want to apply to an order. You can easily switch between fixed and percentage discounts.

Creating and editing custom fields


Previously, you could only view custom fields for an order if you had them applied beforehand. Now, you can create, view, and edit custom fields within the iOS app. This makes it easy to edit existing information on an order or add a completely new custom field with all the settings you expect. You can also edit the properties of existing custom fields if you wish.

Registering and requesting payments


Payments have also received an update in the new version of the iOS app with a new streamlined interface. It is now more clear what the remaining balance on an order is, how much is expected to be paid, and any security deposits that are due. You can also easily register payments through any payment method and send requests via your connected payment provider.

Updated chat design


Finally, the notes section of orders has received an update to go along with the other improvements to UI. It now feels a bit more modern and similar to messaging apps you and your team will be familiar with.

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More control

The result of all of these updates is more control over your orders, from discounts to custom fields, line management, more detailed payments, and a better user experience. We have also reached feature parity on iOS and Android, so no matter what device you use, the experience should be the same. This allows us to release new features across all devices more closely.

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