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Rentmotor Saves Time Managing Bookings to Focus on Growing their Rental Business

Author: Nathan Crossley June 17, 2024 · 3 Min read
Rentmotor Saves Time Managing Bookings to Focus on Growing their Rental Business





Motorcycle rentals


Budapest, Hungary


When your business attracts people from all over the world, it is essential to have clear communication and a simple booking process. Filemon Kaiko has spent the last five years building Rentmotor and this has been key to the success of the business. His most recent achievement has been allowing customers to book online and he choose Booqable as the system to build his website and manage inventory and bookings.


Filemon started his motorcycle rental business, Rentmotor, in 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. He began with just a couple of motorcycles and a dream to give people the chance to explore his country by bike. Now, he has a fleet of 12 motorcycles and serves customers from across the world, including the USA, Mexico, South Africa, and Italy.

He is dedicated to providing the best service possible and he achieves this by sticking to the slogan “Perfect motorcycles, unforgettable tours.” Each motorcycle is meticulously inspected and maintained between each rental, ensuring it is in impeccable condition. He also offers extra equipment to make rides as practical as possible, comprehensive insurance on each bike, and free parking.

In addition, he employs an experienced team that is happy to help customers make their selection and plan their ride to the smallest detail. Most of his customers rent a motorcycle to explore Hungary, but many also use them to explore beyond its borders. With customers coming from all the world, his team’s expertise is essential to ensuring they are happy and safe on their journey.

Automating the booking process

While growing Rentmotor, Filemon took a more manual approach to managing bookings and inventory. However, after a few years it became harder to manage. He began facing challenges when tracking reservations, informing customers about availability, and allowing customers to book their motorcycles online. So, he searched for a software solution that could meet these needs.

Booqable helped him and his team overcome these challenges with a simple and trackable booking system that also allows customers to book online. He created a dedicated rental website using the website builder after choosing the Apex rental template. This gave him a solid foundation for creating the online booking experience he desired for his customers.

Now, when someone visits his website, they can browse his inventory, select their rental dates, check availability, and book and pay online. Filemon and his team can then track bookings in the backend, as well as the mobile app. This automation of the booking process and easy access to information has saved them a lot of time which can now be used to focus on growing the business.

Expanding to multiple locations

Now that Filemon and his team have streamlined the online booking and managment processes, they are focused on expanding the business. They plan to invest in addition motorcycle for their fleet, as well as expanding to multiple locations. They initially plan to expand within Hungary, but their if the opportunity is there, they may expand beyond.

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