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How the Founder of Wedfest Events Turned Chaos into Opportunity

Author: Nathan Crossley March 11, 2024 · 3 Min read
How the Founder of Wedfest Events Turned Chaos into Opportunity

Wedfest Events




Event Rentals


New South Wales, Australia

Weddings usually go according to plan, but sometimes unexpected challenges present themselves, and you must improvise. When Teagan Boyle’s wedding venue fell through, she had to start from scratch. In this chaos, she found an opportunity to start her own event rental business with everything she had bought. Later that year, she started Wedfest Events and has used Booqable to manage it from day one.

Wedfest Events

In 2020, Teagan and her husband were planning their wedding day until disaster struck with just 80 days to go. They had to switch to a DIY venue with nothing they needed for their big day. Having a passion for events, Teagan took on this challenge and got everything she needed to create her perfect wedding day.

During this process, she had to buy a lot of equipment, allowing her to kick-start her events career. Soon after, Wedfest Events was born, and she was able to do full-service event rentals and planning. Alongside her husband and sister, she helps expectant mothers, brides, proposing boyfriends, and people celebrating birthdays to create the event of their dreams.

Wedfest Events offers everything from furniture to tents, neon signs, lighting, arches, backdrops, wishing wells, napkins, cake stands, vases, arbors, and plinths. Not only do they have almost anything you could need for an event, but they also help clients bring their event vision to life. Whether this be sourcing specific equipment for an extra special day, providing balloons, or party poppers for gender reveals.

Managing bookings

When Teagan was getting ready to launch Wedfest Events, she knew she would need a way to manage her bookings and allow clients to browse and book equipment online. In this process, she tried several different rental software offerings and found Booqable best suited her requirements. She has been using it since day one and has never looked back.

Teagan uses Booqable’s website builder to create a custom rental website on a subdomain. This allows her to keep the entire rental side of the business in one place. Her clients can easily browse her inventory, plan their events, and make a booking. She then follows up with payments and any additional assistance they need to plan their special day.

She uses Booqable’s automated document creation to send clients contracts to sign and invoices with their payment details. This allows her to process bookings quickly and prevents anything from getting lost. She can also manage and maintain her customer data in one place. In addition, she uses the mobile app to keep track of things on the go and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Events every weekend

Teagan has done an incredible job growing Wedfest Events over the past few years and has big ambitions for the future. In the next 5 years, she would like to have multiple trained stylists brides can choose from to set up unique events every weekend. This will help bring her business to the next level and allow her to reach the goals she had when she started Wedfest Events.

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