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Creating an Amazing Customer Experience with Hüpfburgen-Verleih-Leipzig and Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley October 30, 2023 · 3 Min read
Creating an Amazing Customer Experience with Hüpfburgen-Verleih-Leipzig and Booqable





Party Rentals


Leipzig, Germany

Almost everyone comes up with wild business plans while spending time with friends, but not many follow them through. However, Arne Boetel and his friends did exactly that when they planned to start a party rental business in Leipzig, Germany. Having worked with Booqable for clients before, he chose it as the backend of his rental business.


One evening during the pandemic, Arne and his friends were hanging out and came up with the idea of starting their own party rental business. They wanted to be the go-to rental shop for people looking for anything else they could possibly need for a wild party. So, they began planning Hüpfburgen-Verleih-Leipzig from the ground up.

They decided to rent out bouncy castles and inflatables to start their rental business. Getting started, they had the advantage of skills in web development and marketing with their work backgrounds. This space offered many opportunities, allowing them to take over the old rental business with bad websites and online marketing.

Over the last few years, they have expanded into go-karts, cinema screens, photo booths, signage, pools, tents, table tennis sets, table football sets, waterslides, confectionary machines, costumes, lawn games, catering equipment, benches, and tables. Their rapid growth has enabled them to cater to almost anyone looking to throw a party, from families throwing birthday parties to embassies putting on events and everyone in between.

Rent in three clicks

They knew they wanted to create an incredible customer journey with excellent service from the beginning. Their goal was to create a platform where customers could browse, see availability, and make a booking in just three clicks. This would make them stand out from existing party rental businesses in the Leipzig area.

Having experience using Booqable before made it an easy choice as the platform to run their rental website and backend. It enabled them to quickly set up their WordPress rental website, integrating Booqable embeddable product cards and booking elements. This was particularly important as it was something that other local rental businesses weren’t offering.

In addition, they have found that Booqable saves them time when managing the day-to-day tasks of running the business. In particular, they love the email templates as they can quickly fire off information to customers. With the introduction of the mobile app, they have found it easier to check bookings, create new orders, and access customer information.

More rental businesses

Arne and his friends have successfully established a profitable party rental business with Hüpfburgen-Verleih-Leipzig. They plan to use the same formula to start more rental businesses in the future, taking over older companies with a modern approach. If their success with this business is anything to go by, they will be a formidable force in other rental industries, too.

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