22 Dec

How Rømø Cykler replaced outdated workflows with modern tools

Rømø Cykler, a Dutch-owned bicycle rental company in Denmark, launched in 2009 to keep with a high demand for bikes in the Rømø area. From checking availability to sending contracts, Booqable helps them get work done.

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19 Dec

How Labola uses Booqable to book wedding successes

As a South Africa-based wedding agency, Labola uses Booqable to complete their day-to-day tasks. From controlling an extensive décor catalogue to sending out invoices and taking online reservations.

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03 Mar

How Masta uses Booqable's API for a great customer experience

Booqable’s API-driven design empowers you to extend our software with your own innovative new features, tools, and integrations.

We’ve seen customers use our API to build some neat extensions to our rental software, but the guys at Masta went beyond your typical software integration. They came up with a creative way of using Booqable’s API to better serve their customers, even after business hours.

Read on for some great inspiration on how you can use our API to provide a magical experience for your customers.

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12 Jan

Meet Timeless Events - San Diego’s best party rentals solution

Timeless Events provides wedding and events rentals & services including A/V, DJ’s and planning & coordinating your event. They use Booqable to provide better customer service at a more affordable price.

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22 Dec

How London Video Camera Hire rolled into the rental business

When the financial market collapses around you, it’s important to evolve and adapt to your surroundings. Morphing into a force to be reckoned with, these guys took it as an opportunity to develop into a different avenue entirely…

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29 Nov

How Tabletpro upscaled their business through Booqable

Technology can not only shape the way you do business, but it can be your business too. In the midst of a technology revolution, Tabletpro decided to hit the ground running. Now they boast an impressive plethora of features catered into turning this nifty bit of kit into a professional necessity.

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14 Nov

How Caramba Films ended up renting out cameras

If they’re not trekking through the Amazon attempting to film the next undiscovered bird of prey, they’re trying to keep up with their side-chick; renting. Not what they initially set out to do, they have come to cherish and foster this flourishing market with the help of Booqable.

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01 Nov

How Booqable fits into the customer journey of Aspire Cycling

Having found a niche in the market whilst traveling themselves, the guys decided to start a bike rental business in the heart of Berlin. Enjoying the inner satisfaction of dealing with exceptional road bikes designed for biking enthusiasts, they decided to take it a step further and provide a super convenient service. Delivery and collection to your exact location in the city.

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23 Feb

We haven't been standing still

We had radio silence for half a year, but unlike Johan’s car we haven’t been standing still, we made a lot of changes under the hood of Booqable. During the last half year we slowly started migrating to a new technology which enables us to iterate much faster on new features and will make Booqable even faster. We moved our office to a new location on the top floor of the Chamber of Commerce building and visited many customers.

This year we are going to focus on making Booqable even better. Our mission still is to deliver the most flexible rental software solution which is still easy to use. The best way to get a better understanding of the problems you face everyday was to visit you and see how you work. During these visits we learned a lot about ways to improve Booqable. The upcoming months we’ll be focusing on redesigning parts of Booqable and adding new features that will make your life easier.

Here’s a list of the biggest upcoming changes:

1. Redesigning the inventory screen

We are making it easier to manage your inventory. You’ll get an in-depth view of your stock items to keep track of what’s happening. This view includes: Seeing availability at a glance, overview of upcoming and past orders, managing repairs and services and adding notes. The stock overview will include a search and filter option.

2. Warehouses

If your business is successful, you’re probably thinking about expanding to more locations or you already did. Managing stock in different locations can be difficult. We are going to supply you with easy-to-use stock management for multiple locations with proper employee permissions.

3. Deposits and insurance

Not the most fun part of running a rental business but you have to charge deposits and/or insurance rates sometimes. Lucky for you we are going to make managing this process – which usually causes headaches - a breeze!

4. Order and document segments

Every business has a different workflow. We are giving you the ability to segment orders and document based on properties. For instance: late returns, pickups today, quotes that aren’t confirmed yet, etc. You can save these segments for everyday use.

5. Sales and services

Even though you run a rental business we understand you also sell items and/or services. We are going to empower you with the tools to manage and charge for items and services.

6. Zapier integration

One of the most requested features was integration with third party services. We are going to make you happy with Zapier integration which enables you to integrate with over 400 services.

Of course we’re going to improve existing features so if you catch a bug or have good ideas about how to improve Booqable even more, don’t hesitate to let us know!

In the upcoming year you can expect more news from us!

27 Jul

Accept online reservations on your Wordpress website

Many of you have been asking for a way to let your customers book online on your own website. We’re very excited to announce that from today this is possible. In this post we will explain how it works and how to set it up.

How it works

Quickly go to: Wordpress plugin - Wordpress demo

Booqable for Wordpress offers a simple way to let your customers reserve any product, you can even run it along side an existing webshop. It works by embedding a “Add to cart” button to your page and it offers a widget for showing the cart. Reservations are securely stored in the Booqable backoffice app.

How to set it up


  • Install the Booqable Booking plugin in your Wordpress admin by going to ‘Plugins / Add New’ and searching for ‘Booqable’. If you want to do a manual install, download the plugin and unzip into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


  • Enable the Store add-on in the add-ons section.
  • Setup your company name in the Booqable plugin settings in Wordpress.
  • Activate the cart widget and configure your desired settings.
  • Create a Wordpress Post or Page and embed the Booqable Add to Cart button by using the shortcode: [booqable_product id=1] (Go to the add-on settings in your Booqable account to find the shortcodes for each product and more options to pass to the shortcode).


By default everything is in english. If you wish to use a different language you can translate everything yourself. Simply go to Settings > Translations in your Booqable account.

Not using Wordpress? No problem

You can use this add-on on any website, even if you’re not using Wordpress. Simply paste the following code in your source code. Replace the company name with your own company name on Booqable.

  var booqableOptions = {
    companyName: 'irent'
<script src="https://d4lmxg2kcswpo.cloudfront.net/assets/store/booqable_v1.js"></script>

This will add the Booqable client on your website. To add a “Add to cart” button add the following code:

<div class="booqable-product-component"
     data-add-button-label="Add to cart"
     data-added-button-label="Added. Go to cart"

Go to the add-on settings in your Booqable account to view a list of product embed codes. To embed the cart use the following code:

<div id="booqable-cart-component"
     data-information-text="You have {count} products in your cart"
     data-cart-empty-text="Your cart is empty"


If you have any question or need help setting up the add-on please contact us at support@booqable.com.