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Borrow Starlink Streamlines Their Booking Process with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley May 15, 2023 · 3 Min read
Borrow Starlink Streamlines Their Booking Process with Booqable

Borrow Starlink




Starlink Dish Rentals


Utah, USA

One of the best ways to ensure longevity as a rental business is to keep up with technological trends and advancements. Nicholas Lee took this to heart and got ahead of the trend when renting out Starlink dishes in 2022. When setting up online bookings and inventory management, Booqable was the clear winner, and it has helped him streamline the whole experience.

When Starlink was first announced, it was a very exciting technology with big ambitions and significant interest from technology enthusiasts. It is something that many people want to experience, but it isn’t perfect for every situation and is quite a commitment. Starlink excels when deployed in remote areas with little internet access and can replace your home internet for a cost.

Fortunately, some entrepreneurs like Nicholas can see the potential of this emerging technology and are invested in helping people experience it. He founded Borrow Starlink in his garage in 2022 to bring Starlink to as many people as possible. Whether they visit remote locations or want to try it for themselves, he is happy to rent dishes to anyone who can benefit from it.

Borrow Starlink is based in Utah and primarily services customers across North America, shipping devices directly to their doors. He also works with people internationally to bring Starlink dishes anywhere. His rental business is thriving, and there’s a big audience for these dishes, which is only growing as more and more people and companies learn of the technology’s benefits.

Streamlining the booking process

Something that you need to get right very early is your booking process. It needs to be easy for customers to book with as little friction as possible. So, with that goal in mind, Nicholas set about finding software that allowed him to offer online bookings and make it as easy as possible to process them, take payments, and manage security deposits.

The winner was Booqable, as he found it the easiest to use, and it matched the goals he wanted to achieve perfectly. Nicholas uses the included hosted store to allow customers to browse his products, check availability and make a booking by themselves. He then takes payment and security deposits at checkout, so he doesn’t have to spend time chasing them down later.

Meanwhile, he manages scheduling, inventory, and customer data in the backend to stay on top of everything. The addition of the mobile app has also made this much easier to do from wherever he is, as he can quickly check in and get an update on everything from his phone. In addition, customers find the online booking experience to be professional and trustworthy.

Increase in bookings

Since implementing Booqable in 2022, Nicholas saw a 50% increase in bookings while reducing his own time commitment. This is thanks to bookings being largely automated by the online store and checkout. He has also found it much easier to claim security deposits as he can put a hold on the funds at checkout and no longer has to chase people down for payment.

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