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Allmodern Uses Booqable's Website Builder to Add a New Sales Channel

Author: Nathan Crossley March 20, 2023 · 3 Min read
Allmodern Uses Booqable's Website Builder to Add a New Sales Channel





Tools / Construction


Sosnowiec, Poland


Many businesses transform over time and can look very different today than when they started. Allmodern is one such company; over the years, it has evolved from construction services to a rental business. Once Marcin Wojdyla had gotten used to managing rentals, he decided to improve the process and chose Booqable as the business partner to achieve his goals.


Allmodern was founded in 2006 as a company that dealt with construction services and grew steadily. By 2010, they decided to invest in their first professional machines from Sweden, which allowed them to accelerate their growth rapidly. Over the following years, they invested in more construction equipment and quickly had an extensive construction equipment inventory.

In 2016, they decided to open a new revenue stream by renting out their equipment. This included many of the machines they have accrued over the years and cars and other tools. The success of this business move led to the creation of Multiwypozyczalnia, which operates throughout the south of Poland and will be expanded north in the coming years.

Marcin attributes this success to the sheer breadth of equipment the company offers, as it is the only multi-hire business in the area. They now provide construction equipment, machinery, surveying equipment, gardening tools, vans, and cars. This allows them to meet almost any need a local construction business would have when working on a project site.

A new sales channel

In 2022, Marcin wished to add a sales channel for their rental services to accommodate customers who prefer to book and pay online. However, with his current software, he could not link his rental system to his website and had problems with online payments. Additionally, much time was spent creating documents to invoice customers and chase down payments.

He began looking for a solution, and it just so happened that Booqable had released their new website builder simultaneously. Immediately he saw that he would be able to accept online bookings and be linked to his rental inventory. This helped him to kill both birds with one stone, in addition, to accepting online payments and automatic document generation.

By implementing Booqable within Allmodern, Marcin has been able to add the all-important online sales channel very quickly. He has also saved time on the manual work he would previously do, creating documents and chasing payments. It has allowed him to elevate the business to the next level while improving the day-to-day workflow of managing bookings.

Expanding north

Now that Allmodern can accept online bookings and payments, the possibility of expanding beyond the south of Poland is greater. Marcin plans to branch out to other Polish cities soon to expand their reach. In addition, the extra revenue from online bookings will allow them to invest in more machines and equipment to broaden their offering.

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