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Paving the Way for Greater Success with Ibiza Sound & Event

Author: Nathan Crossley August 14, 2023 · 3 Min read
Paving the Way for Greater Success with Ibiza Sound & Event

Ibiza Sound & Event




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Businesses often treat clients as just clients, leading to a weird dynamic. However, when John Davis started Ibiza Sound & Event, he focused on treating people as people. By focusing on their wants and needs, he has been able to help people realize their dreams. As part of this mission, he made online bookings easy by integrating Booqable into his website.

Ibiza Sound & Event

John started Ibiza Sound & Event in the summer of 2020 with the idea of helping DJs, partygoers, holidaymakers, concierge services, couples, corporations, and wedding planners. They cater to everything from weddings and birthday parties to record-label events and some of the biggest nightclubs in the world.

They are lifelong fans of DJs and party culture and have made it their mission to give people the best experiences possible on the island. They have made themselves available 24/7, which helps them achieve the goal of realizing people’s dreams and creating the perfect party atmosphere. In addition, they are Void Acoustic Suppliers and sound engineers for some of the country’s biggest nightclubs.

A highlight from the past year has been hosting a wedding event for over 2,000 people. They took part in every aspect of the event, including supplying gear and organizing it, and everyone was very happy with their service. They have gone from height to height over the past few years and look forward to growing into a global brand in the coming years.

Paving the way

While researching the market, John quickly realized that accepting online bookings and payments would give them an edge over the competition. In pursuit of this goal, they found that Booqable would give them the best possible chance with its ease of use and focus on online bookings. The WordPress plugin made it easy to add to their website.

By utilizing Booqable, they were able to quickly grab a huge section of the market and catapult themselves to the #1 audiovisual rental service in the country. No other equipment rental companies on the island offered direct booking and payment online. Generally, clients would have to book through phone and email, which was beginning to go out of fashion.

Over the years, they checked in on their competition and found that many had quickly followed suit. John believes that not only did Booqable give them a leg up, but it also helped them raise the standards for rental businesses in Ibiza. He was able to pave the way for others while maintaining a strong position in the market for his company.

2023 and beyond

Ibiza Sound & Event has been incredibly busy over the past few years, but their ethos has allowed them to always provide personal service. The large event they recently organized has boosted them, and Jamie now aims to create a global brand with the same ideology. His next focus is setting up similar businesses in all the major party destinations and islands in the world.

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