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Increasing Bookings and Reducing Stress with Perfect Food Warmers

Author: Nathan Crossley November 7, 2022 · 3 Min read
Increasing Bookings and Reducing Stress with Perfect Food Warmers

Perfect Food Warmers




Event Catering


London, UK

There are many micro-industries that many of us probably don’t even think about, like food warmers for events. However, Ernest Danquah saw their importance and made it his mission to provide them at the most affordable price without sacrificing quality. That’s why he started his rental business, Perfect Food Warmers, and chose Booqable to help it grow.

Perfect Food Warmers

Ernest started Perfect Food Warmers in 2019 with the mission to take food warmers/chafing dishes, which are considered very useful but often expensive, and make them more affordable. He decided the best way to do this was to rent them out for a fraction of their selling price. This gives access to more people without reducing product quality.

One of his biggest focuses is customer satisfaction, and he aims to deliver a 100% rated service to his customers. He achieves this goal by providing excellent customer service and flexible solutions to meet his customer’s needs. He offers a selection of chafing dishes in varying sizes and creates tailored packages depending on the individual’s needs.

Perfect Food Warmers caters to every event, big or small, from birthday parties to weddings. Every booking is delivered and set up by Ernest and his team for free, and they ensure everything is working correctly before leaving an event. This helps them ensure every customer has the best experience possible and no one is disappointed.

Customer management woes

As with many rental businesses, the system for managing orders and customers works well initially, but growth creates challenges. When Ernest started, he was answering calls and emails, writing quotes, and sending them off to customers. However, this process became more and more time-consuming as the number of requests began to grow.

This made managing orders and customers difficult as it became challenging to track who ordered what, conversations that had been had, and process incoming orders. Of course, Ernest could keep on top of all this, but it had begun to take up a significant amount of his time. He thought that there must be a solution that could automate and streamline these processes.

A comprehensive solution

While searching for software to help him with these challenges, he came across Booqable and found it provided a comprehensive solution. He has been able to add his products to his website easily so customers can build their own quotes and send him a request. This has meant that one-to-one interaction with customers before their quote has been significantly reduced.

Once Ernest receives a request from a potential customer, he can process it and make any adjustments to their requirements. He can then send them a quote, and once they agree, he can follow up with an invoice. Then, he can mark the items as reserved and move on to the next customer with no more back and forth than is necessary to fulfill a customer’s expectations.

Meanwhile, he can easily manage customers and communication as he can see precisely what conversations have happened with an email history and quickly remind himself of any specific requests. This allows him to efficiently manage repeat customers and ensure they always provide high-quality service. All while spending much less time than he did before Booqable.

Increased bookings

Since Ernest implemented Booqable within his rental business, he has seen bookings increase massively. He has confidently been able to accept and cater to these bookings because the turnaround for quotes has been significantly reduced thanks to the faster workflows. Mainly because quotes are generated automatically, and he only needs to sign them off.

Now that quotes, orders, and customer management are under control, Ernest is looking into expanding Perfect Food Warmers. He is planning to add more products to the current offering to provide customers with more options for their events. He has also set the goal to double his monthly targets over the coming months as bookings and revenue continue to grow.

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