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Woodbury Event Rentals Controls Their Inventory and Streamlines Quotes with Booqable

Author: Nathan Crossley October 16, 2023 · 3 Min read
Woodbury Event Rentals Controls Their Inventory and Streamlines Quotes with Booqable

Woodbury Event Rentals




Event Rentals


Minnesota, USA

Sometimes, the daily grind can feel unfulfilling, and imagining doing something more fun is easy. For many, this would be a hobby or vacation, but for Brandon Law, it was coming up with a more fun business than his day job. So, he decided to start his own event rental business, and after running it through QuickBooks and Excel, he moved to dedicated rental management with Booqable.

Woodbury Event Rentals

Brandon has been fixing trucks for many years as a mechanic, but he wanted more excitement last year. He decided to start a business that would work around his day job and be more fun. His initial idea was to create an event rental business, so he hired a web developer to set up his website, and once he started getting bookings, he invested in the equipment he needed.

Brandon’s customers are primarily homeowners hosting private parties, but he occasionally works with local venues to fulfill their event equipment needs. Currently, he can offer customers tables, chairs, farm tables, wedding arches, and dance floors. He prides himself on being flexible and being able to cater to last-minute needs.

While he currently operates the business from his garage with his wife and kids’ assistance, he hopes to move to a commercial space soon. This will allow him to expand into oversized items like tents, stages, and lighting. In addition, he hopes to hire three or four employees to help get the work done. This will allow him to serve a broader range of customers than is possible with his current setup.


Brandon managed inventory with spreadsheets and invoicing with QuickBooks for the first couple of months of operation. While this worked, it quickly became apparent that he would need a more robust solution if he could grow Woodbury Event Rentals. So, he began looking for software combining inventory management with quote building and invoices, which led him to Booqable.

He found it easy to set up inventory, build quotes, and communicate with customers in Booqable. The fact that inventory availability is managed automatically and safeguards are in place to prevent double booking was highlighted when he first started using the software. Additionally, the calendar view has made it easy to quickly share availability with customers without checking each order individually.

This has made it easier for him to quickly build quotes and send them to customers to be approved. He then can quickly make any changes and instantly convert the quote into an invoice so customers can pay for their rentals. When fulfilling an order, he uses the mobile app to plan deliveries with easy access to customer information.

Growing a new business

Brandon has done an incredible job building his business from the ground up. By testing the viability before investing in equipment, he could measure demand. He capitalized on this by investing in the right equipment and software to help him get the job done while running the business around his day job. He hopes to grow the business massively in the next five years and expand his offering.

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