Accept bookings on your WordPress website

Easily turn your WordPress website into a beautiful online rental store with our WordPress rental plugin.

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Easy setup
  • No credit card required
WordPress rental plugin mockup
WordPress rental plugin mockup
Everything you need to accept rental bookings

Offer the very best booking experiences on WordPress with a rental plugin that supports product variations, categories, and endless ways to showcase your products.

Embedded product on WordPress
WordPress booking calendar and product card

Quick setup and easy customization

Our WordPress rental plugin comes packed with features that suit your needs.

  • Full control over date and time settings
  • Optional real-time product availability
  • Custom pricing rules for products

Seamless checkout, more conversions

Create the perfect checkout experience that works across any browser and all devices.

  • Accept online payments or quote requests
  • Collect valuable customer information
  • Drive sales by offering coupons
Booqable-hosted mobile checkout
Start accepting online payments

Let your customers pay using their preferred payment types. Accept credit cards, PayPal, and easily add the world’s most popular payment methods to your checkout.

More about payments 
Various payment options
Manage everything in one back-office

Booqable is more than just a rental plugin. Whether you rent out items online or in-store, use one back-office to manage inventory, bookings, payments, and more.

Screenshot of the Booqable back-office
Steps to get started

Create an account, install the WordPress rental plugin, add your products, and start exploring all the tools you need to rent out items on your WordPress website.

Download the plugin 
Booqable WordPress integration steps

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